November 2008

Sake Facts - A Brewer's Email About Quantity!

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sake facts nov 2008Sorry to you non-sake-fanatics first! I communicate daily with many brewers - less during the season if you know what I mean - and usually about ten different pearls or sake nuggets come out of these exchanges. I try to relate as much of this info to you good readers as possible - in a manner that is decipherable and readable.

I recently received an amazing email from a great brewer in Yamagata when I simply asked how much are you going to make this year? Never in my wildest dreams did I expect his total output pre-planned and pre-purchased (rice). He took the time and attention to give me a great glimpse at what he has orchestrated even before the first soaking! Rather than explain in detail about volumes and batch sizes I will give you the raw exchange of this email - the Nama version - for you to decipher. Again, if you are not a sake junky then please move along - nothing to see here! And take note on his excitement about how great his brewing rice is this season - sounds like the weather and perfect harvesting made for some tasty product.

Dear Beau,

I'm sorry that the answer is delayed.

The sake making from today to this year was begun.

1) How was your rice this year?

Because the typhoon did not hit the ripening period, and calm autumn was spent, beautiful rice of the skin of big was able to be harvested.

Because rice is excellent, the moisture adjustment is steady by slow. the maceration ..laving.. speed after washing. 12.95% in front of the steaming basket.

Mubei can be finished up with stability by the best moisture value.
Muat 14.05%
Depends and is the water pickup 11.00% wonderful in the steaming basket is Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo level.

This year's my rice is still rich.
The rice grain of A net 2.10mm or more was able to be caught beautifully.
It's works to taste, smell, flavor, cuts, and balance.
Everything is connected with the sake of high-grade.

2) What order will you be brewing in - Futsu-shu/honjozo then junmai then ginjo etc ?

Futsu-shu @3,260kg × 7shikomi

Kouji Rice : Miyamanishiki 65%Seimaibuai / Mushi Rice : Haenuki 65%Seimaibuai

Honjozo @3,260kg × 2shikomi

Kouji Rice : Miyamanishiki 60%Seimaibuai / Mushi Rice : Haenuki 65%Seimaibuai

Junmai Ginjo 60% @1,500kg × 5 shikomi

Kouji Rice : Miyamanishiki 60%Seimaibuai / 1
Mushi Rice : Dewanosato 60%Seimaibuai / 1 shikomi
Mushi Rice : Miyamanishiki 60%Seimaibuai / 2 shikomi
Mushi Rice : Dewasansan 60%Seimaibuai / 2 shikomi

Junmai Ginjo 55% @1,500kg × 12 shikomi

Kyonohana 55%Seimaibuai / 1 shikomi
Tsuruoka Yamadanishiki 55%Seimaibuai / 1 shikomi
Kouji Rice : Miyamanishiki 55%Seimaibuai /
Mushi Rice : Dewasansan 55%Seimaibuai / 1 shikomi
Miyamanishiki 55%Seimaibuai / 5 shikomi
Dewanosato 55%Seimaibuai / 3 shikomi
Kairyoshinko 55%Seimaibuai / 1 shikomi

Junmai Dai Ginjo 40% @750kg × 7 shikomi

Kamenoh 40%Seimaibuai / 1 shikomi
Dewasansan 40%Seimaibuai / 4 shikomi
Miyamanishiki 40%Seimaibuai / 2 shikomi

Dai Ginjo 40% @750kg × 2 shikomi

Dewasansan 40%Seimaibuai / 2 shikomi

3) How many products will you offer this year - meaning how many different sakes will you sell in Japan?

Yes, 15 kind of sakes!

4) Can I announce your Dai Koshu called Yuzuki?

You can also announce Yuzuki. Thank you, 1997BY is very good. But only 400 bottles.

(This is a 10 year-aged koshu sake that is out of this world!)


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