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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.
We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

The SECRET WORD March 2009

True Sake LogoAh, at last we have reached the end of this Newsletter and that of course means that we have come to the now-famous SECRET WORD. To those who are new the SECRET WORD is a chance for you to try a sake of note for half of that sake's original price. Just for reading this Newsletter. It is our way of saying thank you for trying to understand the wonders of sake. And in this regard we typically select a sake with a story, and this month's story is 30% Milling. I wrote that in bold because many folks are glancing directly at the bottom of this section just to get the word. We do have a meaning for the SECRET WORD sakes! We try to educate you to different brews and different nuances within the sake industry. And yes this month's SWS is what may be considered a "Junmai" and it does drink that way!

Please remember the rules: only one bottle per reader, and don't tell your buddy at the moment if he/she isn't a Newsletter subscriber, always use a hushed or secret agent voice when saying the SECRET WORD, and lastly for those who have their sakes shipped we can only include the SECRET WORD sake in a four-pack purchase - meaning you must buy three other sakes.

This month's brew is a Junmai from Umenishiki "Oh Kara" that represents a "Junmai" milling rate. It seems like today most "Junmai'" are milled to 60%. In doing a quick canvassing of the store I counted 6 out of 10 "Junmais" that had been milled to "Ginjo" levels. Where did 70% go? So this month's SWS is about milling to "traditional" Junmai levels. So enjoy a dry Junmai that does better at room temperature. We would usually sell this brew for $20, but for you sake-jockeys we will part with this guy for $10. And the SECRET WORD is... check your email inbox! We only give out the SECRET WORD in the mailed Newsletter! So sign up for the Newsletter!

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