January 2009

New Store Arrivals - Yuki no Bosha, Tenryo, & Kasumi Tsuru

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new store arrivals jan 2009Lots of new brews to look at - the store is loaded with "New Arrival" placards. Just trying to catch up and get a review for each sake. Herewith are three new rice efforts to fill your glass and imagination.

  • Yuki no Bosha "Cabin In The Snow"

From Akita Prefecture.
Junmai Ginjo Nigori.
SMV: +1 Acidity: 1.9
This flavorful "cloudy" sake drinks more like a "filtered" brew, and has aromas such as plum, grape, sweet rice, honey and cream. A very gentle and elegant Nigori that is semi-sweet and has a very quick finish - round and smooth and not chalky! Drinks more fruity than sweet - look for hints of honeydew, grape, pear and honey. Creamy in feel not flavor, the emphasis is soft and approachable like a favorite sweater. Extremely well balanced for an "unfiltered" sake.

WORD: Soft
WINE: Fruity reds/Soft whites
BEER: Creamy ales
FOODS: Cleaner cuisines, sashimi, light pasta, fruit dishes, cheeses.

  • Tenryo Hidahomare "Imperial Landing"

From Gifu Prefecture.
Junmai Ginjo.
SMV:+4 Acidity:1.4
This very soft and smooth brew has a gentle nose filled with pineapple, grape, papaya, and a hint of cocoa elements. The brewers use a "flower yeast" to make a very soft, round and clean drinking sake that is milled to Daiginjo rates (50% remaining). Look for hints of apricot, minerals, apple and vein of rock candy. A very well balanced sake that defines "drinkable" and appeals to those looking for a clean - not boozy - drinking experience. A larger vessel makes even rounder and softer and coming into room temp brings out a little richness.

WORD: Whisper
WINE: Dry Reds/Sauv Blanc
BEER: Light ales
FOODS: Sashimi, gentle pastas, grilled chicken, poached salmon.

  • Kasumi Tsuru "Crane of Kasumi"

From Hyogo Prefecture.
Yamahai Junmai.
SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.6
This traditionally (Yamahai) made sake has a unique nose filled with grains, cherry, hay, and ricey elements. A very layered Junmai with gamey and smokey qualities that speak to those who like rich and expansive red wines. Look for hints of fig and dates mixed amongst roasted and grainy qualities. The flavor of rice is abundant, which is nice in these days of fruity brews, and look for more earth tones closer to room temp. There is a long tail attached to the robust middle-mouth which provides a hint of bitterness that whispers to bitter chocolate fans. Solid, smooth and very drinkable.

WORD: Gamey
WINE: Cabs/Big Whites
BEER: Dark Belgians
FOODS: Anything off of the grill, gamey meats, smoked cheeses, hearty pastas and stews.

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