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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.
We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

New Store Arrivals -Spring Namas '09 - Yuho x 2

new store arrivals march 2009EARLY SPRING RELEASE DRAFT SAKE

Early spring released draft sake with fresh aroma and light taste. The refined sake brewed with new rice harvested from previous fall and bottled without pasteurization. Only available through early spring season.

720ml : $ 29

Junmai ginjo nama sake, from Nara-pref.
Flavorful, light & smooth type. Very fresh and clean aromas, with a hint of strawberries. Perfectly balanced fruity flavors with soft texture.
SMV : +1 / Acidity : 1.4


Tokubetsu junmai nama genshu sake, from Miyagi-pref.
Unpasteurized cloudy sake. Very fruity nigori sake, with apple, melon and lemon aromas. Complex flavors balanced well with crisp acidity.
SMV : ±0 / acidity : 1.7


Tokubetsu junmai nama genshu sake, from Okayama-pref.
Rich type. Very unique sake, brewed with peach yeast. Refreshing aromas of peach, lime & bamboo. Expansive mild taste, with crisp acidity and long finish.
SMV : -9.5 / Acidity : 1.6


Junmai nama genshu sake, from Niigata-pref.
Rich & smooth type. Tranquil aroma of fruits, grain & yogurt. Great balance of acidity, fruits and savory flavors. Deep and expansive taste with crisp finish.
SMV : +3 / Acidity : 1.8

SHUTENDOUJI "OH-ONI" 720ml : $ 33

Junmai ginjo nama genshu sake, from Kyoto
Flavorful & rich type. Fruity aromas of apple and white peach. Full- bodied sake with deep flavor of rice and long finish.
SMV : +4 / Acidity : 1.9

Also new to the store is one of my favorite "new" breweries from Ishikawa that I will write more about in the next newsletter:

  • Yuho "Happy Rice"

From Ishikawa Prefecture.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.9
An amazing nose filled with mint, caramel, cinnamon, cherry and anise elements. This expansive and beefy Junmai is not your "mom's Junmai!" It's a bum-rush of flavors and feelings that makes you take the whole story in on each and every sip. Round and solid, look for tangy and tart fruit flavors that are imbedded in a rich ricey flow that has a surprisingly quick finish for so much flavor. The wideness of this brew is evident from the get-go, and it represents one of "those" sakes that you need to taste to complete your sake education. So many things to so many palates, and so well balanced to boot - just a special "style" sake that speaks to the large drinking style of Ishikawa prefecture.
WORD: Expressive
WINE: Massive Reds/Complex Whites
BEER: Stouts
FOODS: Everything off of the grill, out of the ocean, on hooves and claws, and buried deep in the soil.


  • Yuho "Happy Rice"

From Ishikawa Prefecture.
Junmai Ginjo.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.7
The nose on this expressive brew is filled with apples, beets, steamed rice, cherries, and touch of citrus elements. This round and smooth sake has a lot of movement from start to the very long finish. Truly one of those "totem pole" brews that has a face and flavor on each level from gentle caramel and rice tones to the higher faces filled with granny smith, persimmon and apricot expressions. In a word Yuho sakes are different, they drink very uniquely and their style is both easy and difficult to detect. Good for the beginning and great for the sake connoisseur. A full-bodied Ginjo that has an echo finish and sweet/sour/and bitter smiles, all balanced with a tasty flow.
WORD: Professional
WINE: Complex Reds/Deep Whites
BEER: Belgian Ales
FOODS: Anything from the sea and grill, from the sky and soil.

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