March 2009

True Sake In the News - Philip Harper in LA Times, Sebo at 3, La Mar

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sake news march 2009Philip Harper in LA Times 

I emailed Philip Harper immediately after this LA Times piece to explain that for the umteenth time a "reporter" got my words wrong - again.... And again. He casually replied - they always do! But the gist of the piece is okay! (Well done PH)

A foreigner hopes to revive Japan's flagging spirits

Sebo at 3 

Congrats to Mike and Danny at Sebo - they turned 3. And as many and most have a "comment" or two about this sushi restaurant I would like to say that they do it right. I am usually there in the afternoons watching them prep the fish right off the plane. I have seen it all - from the first rough months of trying to get the lease and converts Powell's Chicken into a sushi spread to watching the SF market wake up and listen to some people who will talk directly to you about fish. Not some muffled or quiet response - but a long explanation on the delicacies of fish in all of their wonders. Does your sushi chef tell you all? They do and it has been a pleasure working with Sebo for the past three years! Congrats.

La Mar 

And also congrats to La Mar the killer Peruvian restaurant down on the Embarcadero. If you know ceviche then you should go because they do "cebiche" which is far more Japanese influenced and clean - not a citric overkill found in ceviche fun houses the world over.

Editor's Pick Best New Restaurant: La Mar Cebicheri´a Peruana

I recommend La Mar because I did their sake menu. (It has been a unique experience because there has been the old language barrier issue - you know Spanish speaking guys dealing with a white guy dealing with a Japanese beverage.) But it's all good and by 7x7 standards I have done sake menu's for the last several year's most inspired restaurants from 415 (now deep-sixed) to Sebo to La Mar. Maybe one day soon I will do the menu at my own restaurant!


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