June 2009

True Sake Selects - Team True Sake Select Monthly Brews of Note June 2009

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sake selects june 2009Welcome to "True Selects" - featured sakes that are selected and championed by Miwa, Lynette, and Keiko - our three resident sake studs. As we can only stock so many different brands of sake - think limited space - this effort is a way to offer sakes that we wouldn't usually carry. They will select by price-point, uniqueness, availability, and other factors that make these selections unusual for the store.

Miwa's Pick

Ippin Junmai Ginjo 
From Ibaraki Prefecture / Yoshikubo Brewery
Junmai Ginjo / SMV: +4 / Rice: Yamadanishiki milled to 50%
$32 / 720ml

This sake captured my attention (among others) at JFC Sake Expo last month. It has just right amount of bouquet, a hint of "umami" (yummy-ness) and good mouth feel. The brewery said they make their sake to be enjoyed with food. Explore paring possibilities beyond Japanese food.

Keiko's Pick:

Yuzu Omoi "Yuzu Dream"
From Kyoto Prefecture / Yuzu Sake

Well balanced blend of Junmai sake and 100% natural zest and juice from yuzu (Japanese citrus.) A hint of meyer lemon is very refreshing, and it is perfect for summer time. Great as an aperitif or after-dinner sake.
$27 / 500ml

More from Keiko on her True Selection plus other citrusy brews:

Yuzu Omoi 

I am very happy to introduce the sake calls "Yuzu Omoi" from Kyoto Prefecture.

It's now mid-spring time and great to have nice sunny warm days with nice refreshing sake to celebrate this season.

It's also great with chilled temperature and also good with on-the- rock style too!

It is made with real squeezed yuzu juice and yuzu zest part.

They mix whole squeezed yuzu juice and Junmai Sake very well.

No artificial flavor or color, but you will see how savory yuzu scent is!

In Japan, yuzu is sometimes used for Japanese dishes to add fresh and crisp flavor. Yuzu scent has good relaxing effect for body and has much vitamin C.

Please take a look this fresh sake at the store!

We have also some more refreshing, citrusy and fruity sakes in the store.

The first one calls "Awasaki" is in the orange colored ground glass bottle, has almost like classic mimosa.

It has mandarin orange flavor with gentle sparkness and, is naturally sparkled in the bottle by fermentation.

The other one is "Ichinokura Himezen", "Princess Food" has Meyer Lemonade flavor, is great with light dishes or dessert such as cheesecake!

Those are very bright and refreshing and great as a aperitif or dessert sake! Have a great mid-spring and sake time!

Sake Bonus: $5 Off 

Kasumitsuru Yamahai Nama Genshu Honjozo 

This is very robust and flavorful namazake with a hint of green apple and honeydew melon. The sake drinks great straight or on the rock-just for this sake.

Regular price: $32 / NOW $27

Recession Buster: $30 off 

Daishichi Minowamon Junmai Daiginjo 

If you've never tasted this masterpiece - there is now no excuse!

Regular price $80 / NOW $50 (save $30!!)


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