May 2009

Sake Memory - The Mukune International Sake Brewing Program

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sake memory may 2009Whooooooosh! When the bullet train passes you - you know it! It's gone. It was just there and then it is distant - then gone. Vanished. You can still hear it in the memory of your mind - you still feel the wind - and your eyes try to play catch-up on each car that isn't there. It's not there. It was. You tell yourself. It was.

And that is how fast the inaugural season of the Mukune International Sake Brewing Program has come and gone. Please read the December '08 issue for all of the detailed account of how this program was created - how yours truly got to leave a thumb print on the history of sake - and how a bold as "balls-out" owner of a great sake brewery opened his doors to the world.

Mr. Yasutaka Daimon took a chance and let sake weirdos from all over the globe into his sake making sanctuary to fulfill our new motto of "The Only Way To Learn Sake Is To Make Sake." Through his courage and open-heart we have truly changed the sake dynamic of understanding the "process" of sake making.

As Director of the MISBP I will soon write a "follow-up" or "debriefing" of the 4 sessions that took place since the new year for the Mukune site, but I encourage you to read the blog for each of the sessions. A story is just that - a story! But when 25 people speak of the same story from 25 sets of eyes that story becomes a living breathing entity.

Herewith is the link to that "story".

And here is the link to the real beginning.

(Please see the True Sake In The News Section for a write up in the Japan Times.)

And Y-san - yes I know that you are reading - Thank you for your courage and vision - I am honored to share the light in your shadow.

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