August 2009

True Sake Selects - Team True Sake Select Monthly Brews of Note August 2009

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sake selects aug 2009Welcome to "True Selects" - featured sakes that are selected and championed by Miwa, Lynette, and Keiko - our three resident sake studs. As we can only stock so many different brands of sake - think limited space - this effort is a way to offer sakes that we wouldn't usually carry. They will select by price-point, uniqueness, availability, and other factors that make these selections unusual for the store.

Miwa's Pick: 

Mizubasho Ginjo 

From Gunma Prefecture. Ginjo.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.3
Light, airy, and smooth, this Ginjo is perfect for people new to sake and warm summer days. The aroma of pear, cantaloupe, and apple is combined with a fresh spring water-like feel. Brewed with Yamadanishiki rice and is matured for a year.

Keiko's Pick:

Denshin Yuki "Snow" 

From Fukui Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo
SMV: +6 Acidity:1.4
This Denshin Yuki "Snow" Junmai Ginjo is dry and clean and has a hint of herb flavor and pure texture. Hidden sharp fruitiness of grape is good too. To have good water for sake is very essential. This brewery uses naturally melting snow water from local mountains for sake making. For food paring: grilled fish or sushi goes really well with this sake.

7th Anniversary Specials:

Yes, we are going into 7th year! Thank you for your on-going support. We look forward to continue bringing great sake and sake education. This month we would like to feature three Junmai for three different types of food. And 20% off of regular price! (Oh, by the way, any of these Junmai can be enjoyed chilled as well as warm for the cold San Francisco summer.)

Maguro with Urakasumi "Misty Bay"

From Miyagi Prefecture. Junmai.
SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.3
Shiogama, the home of Urakasumi, has the most sushi restaurants per capita, and it is renowned for maguro.
(Regular price: $26/720ml) 

Mac & Cheese with Kurosawa "Black Creek"

From Nagano Prefecture. Kimoto Junmai.
SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.5
This classic Kimoto Junmai has a clean feel with creamy flavor.
(Regular price: $23)

B.B.Q. with Shichionyari "The Seven Spearsmen"

From Shiga Prefecture.
SMV: + 4 Acidity: 1.5
This micro-brew has an earthiness and gentle roasted tone. Great at the outdoor temperature.
(Regular price: $33)


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