July 2009

True Sake Selects - Team True Sake Select Monthly Brews of Note July 2009

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sake selects july 2009Welcome to "True Selects" - featured sakes that are selected and championed by Miwa, Lynette, and Keiko - our three resident sake studs. As we can only stock so many different brands of sake - think limited space - this effort is a way to offer sakes that we wouldn't usually carry. They will select by price-point, uniqueness, availability, and other factors that make these selections unusual for the store.

Miwa's Pick 

Hakkaisan "Eight Peaks" Tokubetsu Junmai 
From Niigata Prefecture / Hakkaisan Brewery
Tokubetsu Junmai / SMV: +5 / Acidity: 1.4 / $23 (720ml)

A brand new product from well-known Hakkaisan. (Many of you have had their Junmai Ginjo or Tokubetsu Honjozo.) This sake has aromas of grain & fruit with soft & semi-fat texture yet drinks dry & clean.

Lynette's Pick:

Mantensei "Star-Filled Sky" 
From Tottori Prefecture
Junmai Ginjo
SMV: +3 / Acidity: 1.4
720ml $31

This sake is called a Junmai Ginjo but the rice is milled to Daiginjo levels with a semaibuai of 50%. It is light and slightly dry overall but has a hint of richness and fruitiness which keeps it balanced.

Recession Specials: 

$130 off
Daishichi Houreki "The Age of Emperor" 
This sake is one step up from its sister brew Minowamon.
From Fukushima Prefecture. Junmai Dai Ginjo.
SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.3
Regular price: $210 / NOW $80!!! (Offer starts Thursday, July 16th)

$35 off
Kaika Tobin Shiuku 
Beautiful package, a great gift.
From Tochigi Prefecture. Daiginjo Shizuku.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.2
Regular price: $125 / NOW $90!!! (Only 5 bottles)

$250 off
Kamenokou Kotobukigame "14" 
Yes, this is the "$500" bottle of sake you see at the store. And yes, this is the sake that is brewed with Kameno-o rice, milled to 14%! The sake has been out of reach; now it is a step closer to your glass.
From Hyogo Prefecture. Ultra Ultra Junmai Dai Ginjo.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.7
Regular price: $500 / NOW $250!!! (Only 7 bottles)


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