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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Ask Beau - "Should I do sake this Thanksgiving?"

turkey The email was quite short. It was quite simple. And it was very to the point. A friend from Boston asked," Should I do sake this Thanksgiving - and will my wine friends and family understand?"

My reply was equally short and to the point: "My God - why not?"

For six years I have been asking/begging/tricking/by-hooking-and- crooking/convincing/urging/prodding/plugging/pushing people into drinking sake at their bird-day feast! Why? Because I believe in it! It works - does that sound lame or like some Colt 45 malt liquor commercial? It's true. It's so very true - the combination of a starch beverage and fowl plus all of the fixens make great dancing partners. And why wouldn't they?

For those who are new to the Newsletter let me re-print some of my past Thanksgiving pleadings - I'm certain that you do not need convincing - or do you?

Ahhhhhh Turkey Day 2008! Yes - it is that time of the year for me to get you to think outside of the box in regards to your holiday dinner! I have been doing it year-in and year-out since the beginning - my 3rd issue of the Newsletter was the November Issue where I said - give it a try! I have continued to ask and will continue to do so - As many have pointed out that I have become jaded in regards to wine - I will not make the necessary comparisons. BUT sake is different!

Read the whole article for sake recommendations
So don't make me beg! Come on down and grab the perfect brew for you and your bird!

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All other correspondence should use info @
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