November 2009

True Sake Selects - Team True Sake Select Monthly Brews of Note

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Miwa, Lynette, Keiko Welcome to "True Selects" - featured sakes that are selected and championed by Miwa, Lynette, and Keiko - our three resident sake studs. As we can only stock so many different brands of sake - think limited space - this effort is a way to offer sakes that we wouldn't usually carry. They will select by price-point, uniqueness, availability, and other factors that make these selections unusual for the store.

Miwa's Pick:

Wataribune Junmai Ginjo 55 "Ferry Boat"
From Ibaraki Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo Muroka
SMV: +3 / Acidity: 1.4/ $38 (720ml)

This sake is brewed with Wataribune rice, a parent rice to the most popular brewing rice, Yamadanishiki. (For more: This sake offers the complex fruity notes combined with grain and earthy flavors and compliments hearty poultry dishes. Try this brew with your Thanksgiving dinner!

Keiko's pick:

Hideyoshi Honjozo Namachozoshu "Namacho"
From Akita Prefecture
Nama Honjozo (single pasteurized sake) SMV: +0.5 / Acidity: 1.3 $14 (300ml)

Hideyoshi brewery is located in Akita prefecture, which is popular for great harvest of rice and natural water. This sake has refreshing pure taste with fruity aroma. Hint of rice layer fits to variety of dishes, especially hot pot dishes and any vegetable dishes. Great to serve cold temperature during dinner and for people who like nama-zake!

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