December 2009

Sake Socks - BT Designs Socks for Sake World

Posted by Beau Timken in 2009, December, Newsletter
A very good friend of mine (Sven Wiederholt), who is one of the most creative "dudes" in the creative world, and also one hell of a photographer (he slums it and helps us shoot our bottles for the website) asked me to design a sock that symbolizes the sake world. Hmmmmm! I thought. Should it be cliché and have little bottles or be in the typical brown or green bottle color? Should it be blunt and have some sake serving device or drinking cup? Should it look like a wooden drinking box? Nope!

I decided to go a little more "subtle" and train my focus on one of my favorite components of the sake industry - the maekake or sake apron that we wear in the shop. Think those cool dark blue aprons with bold white kanji and orange string ties. Yes, that is the design and I just took 40 pairs over to Japan and gave them to a bunch of brewers and sake folks, who were blown away. (They loved saying "Sake Socks") (I love saying my maekake sake socks!)

We have a dozen pairs in the store for sale and will get more - had to re-load after the Japan trip! (By the way, these high-end socks are made in Japan and are quality personified) You may purchase at True Sake or at Sven's website.

Check them out here: Office Wiederholt Store

This is truly a one of a kind piece of sake lore - so get yours now! (Great X-mas gift!)

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