December 2009

Sake Xmas - The Keiko Christmas Guide

Posted by Beau Timken in 2009, December, Newsletter
It's been a year since our latest sake elf joined the True Sake team. Keiko reminded me of that last week and I decided to test what she had learned in a year of intensive sake training. Rather than have her do a ten brew blind tasting or have her take my 200- question multiple choice Sake Death Exam I decided to really test this elf in a very brutal and punishing fashion. I asked her to do her very own "Keiko Christmas Top Ten Gift Giving Ideas" for the newsletter. Thus herewith is an in-depth offering of sake presents that will surely thrill any deserving recipient from our very own Sake Elf.
  1. Aizen "Ai" 5 year-aged koshu
    Please see this month's Sake Challenge as "Ai" rocked the German food world
    More Information >>

  2. Shinzui Junmai Daiginjo
    A terrific Daiginjo that comes in a super stellar wooden box that will be a keepsake for a very long time!
    More Information >>

  3. Koro Junmai Ginjo
    A very limited offering of one of THE most important sakes in Japan from the brewery that created one of THE most important brewing yeasts!
    Such a limited offering that we do not have information on our site!

  4. Shiritaki Jukusei Jozen Mizunogotoshi Junmai Ginjo
    Please see our New Store Arrivals in this issue to get the 411 on this sake that was re-engineered.
    More Information >>

  5. Kamoshibito Kuheiji Junmai Ginjo
    A super bright Ginjo that drinks almost like a nama and has a brilliant X-mas red label.)
    More Information >>

  6. Kitaro Jungin Junmai Ginjo
    Yes - a super stylish One Cup sake filled with very tasty sake!)
    More Information >>

  7. Takenotsuyu Genzo Tokkuri Haguro Honjozo
    Year in and year out one of the top gifting sakes as the brew itself is superb and the replica antique sake pot with individual cup makes a great keepsake.)
    More Information >>

  8. Tenzan Junmai Genshu
    Another of the very well packaged sakes that drinks better than it looks and it looks pretty darn good!
    More Information >>

  9. Hiraizumi Yamahai Junmai
    A terrific food pairing sake that comes in a square bottle and a nice blue box!
    More Information >>

  10. Shutendouji Junmai Ginjo
    A very special Kyoto sake that is made with one of the most expensive brewing rice varietals in the business with a killer bottle and box
    More Information >>
Keiko has done all of the hard work - your job is easy! Come pick out one or all of these amazing gifts and look like a superstar for the Holidays!

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