February 2010

Sake Gifts - For Those Who Need a V-day Helping Hand

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, February, Newsletter
Valentine's Gifts The best gift advice we could give is in the section above! But for those who have a problem getting it right or feel as if they need that little bit of "Dr. Love" help then we are here for you - The Sake Love Doctors!

What follows is a list of sakes that will run circles around fancily worded greeting cards, boxes of designer chocolates, and bushels of sweetly colored flowers and in the end will probably cost a whole lot less. We "Sake Love Doctors" have taken taste, packaging, name and presentation all into consideration to represent what you want to say and give as the ultimate gift of your LOVE (in sake form).

Shiritake Jozen Mizunogotoshi "Pure Flavor"
A very well dressed beveled bottle of sake that has pink written all over it. The larger two sizes come in boxes and this brew tastes better than it looks! Good for those recipients who like clean and smooth sakes on the drier side.
$15 (300ml) / $32 (720ml) / $58 (1.8L)

A Two-Pack of Sparkling Sakes
Try giving two little bottles of sparkling sake for that special bubbly occasion. The first is Hana Hou Hou Shu ($16/300ml) that is pink on the outside and sweet and crisp on the inside. The second Hana-awaka ($6/250ml) Sparkling Sake that is light and bubbly and of course is packaged in a pink bottle.
$20 for the two-pack (Save $2)

A Two-Pack of Nigori "Cloudy" Sakes
So your recipient likes unfiltered sake? Then why not baffle him or her with two unique nigori sakes - one on the fruitier creamier side and the other touching on a nice dryness. The packaging of Sayuri ($9/300ml) and Kizakura ($13/300ml) will please immediately, but the flavors will win over the day.
$20 for the two-pack (Save $2)

Shutendouji Meitaikan "Vulnerable Virgin"
Don't let this Vulnerable Virgin fool you as the sexy packaging is highlighted by an unusually long bottleneck. A very smooth and round Junmai Ginjo that speaks soft and with a sultriness that belongs on Feb 14th. The label and similar accompanying box are sure to stimulate.
$42 (720ml)

A-zen Ai "Love"
You can't pick a better name than this bottle of koshu or aged sake that has been 5 years in the making. One of the smoothest and best drinking aged sakes that would appeal to red wine and after dinner wine drinking recipients. With a brilliant red box this sake is rich, round and fabulous, and is a great gift to take a sake drinker to the next level.
$70 (720ml)

Akitabare Suirakuten "Heaven of Tipsy Delight"
Reveal to your recipient the name of this Daiginjo sake then let nature take its course. A super clean and gentle brew that sings so gently that it appeals to all. A very unique white box with flowing gold kanji conceals one of the most pristine sakes in the store. An elegant ride into the heavens of tipsy delight.
$58 (720ml)
Book and Bottle

Sake Book and a Bottle of Sake
Why not give the loving gift of knowledge - oh and a great bottle of sake to go with it! Author and head brewer Philip Harper makes the perfect present - a tremendous book ($25) he wrote about all things sake with an accompanying bottle of sake ($55) that he made in his brewery in Kyoto. Great book and great sake - what a great idea!
$75 for the pair (Save $5)

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