February 2010

Sake Love - A True St. Valentine's Gift

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, February, Newsletter
Valentine's Day Uggghhhhhhh! St. V's Day! What the heck is it really? A chance to tell the one you love that you love them and a chance to ask somebody that you'd like to love out on a prix fixe date! I was reminded of this strolling the gentle isles of Walgreens taking in the mountains of Hallmark Greeting cards - and I mean mountains and mountains. So many cards - so many ways to say the same thing in so many different manners: "I love you" and "Let me take you out for a prix fixe meal" and of course "I love you mom." Second verse same as the first - Uggghhhhhh!

Valentine's Day is a Hallmark hickey just like "Sweethearts' Day" and "Boss' Day" (A day that I have never received a thing from a few certain folks) - a day generated by a department to create more income. Well if they can do it so can we! In the next section please note several gift ideas if you are stuck or forced into giving a gift to the one that you love or the one you would like to take out for a prix fixe meal and you have no clue what to give.

But it dawned on me that loving another may not matter at this particular time of year. Maybe Valentine's Day should be considered what you love yourself. No - I'm not talking about sending yourself a card that says "I love me" - they have those I'm sure - nor is it taking yourself out for a prix fixe meal - no maybe this is a day that is meant to understand what you love and that is what should be shared. Do you love greeting cards? No - so why in the hell share them? Do you love prix fixe meals? No - so why in the hell subject yourself to that meal regime that feels more like a cafeteria than a dining experience - all the while being gawked at and ridiculed by a wait staff that would rather be out eating prix fixe meal themselves. No you don't love these!

What do you love? You love sake! Ahhhh so I should get a gift of sake for people? You bet! But why? Because you love it. And then give a brew that you love. Don't ask for a recommendation - and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain who produced the list below - don't think too much. Get two bottles of what you love - give one away and give one to you know who!

Love thyself on V-Day and then give what you love to who you love. "I love this sake, so instead of a card and a prix fixe meal, I want you to taste my love - I want you to taste what love means to me." Does this work for chocolate too? You bet! Chocolate is so cliché! Here is a heart chocolate! Or designer chocolate shaped like woman's breast or men's buttocks. Or here is a lime, ginger, wasabi, and 92% cocoa chocolate bar made with ingredients from the rainforest. Here is a 5lb bag of Hershey Kisses. Do you love these? Really? (Okay we all love that crap! But look past that.) Giving sake is almost the equivalent of giving a piece of art that you love, but for a whole lot less!

I am loving several sakes at the store at the moment. Love'em! I will not fall into the card and dinner trap. I will say that what is in these bottles expresses love for me better than Dan or Ed in the Valentine's Day Card Department at Hallmark. Although Dan and Ed's words are powerful and so on mark "Let me count the ways I love you" and "My love for you is hot hot hot" they don't quite capture the same feelings that reside in a great bottle of sake. For most bottles of sake are loved to begin with. Do you know how much love goes into a hand-crafted sake? I do, and it would blow your mind. If effort and detail, and if determination and persistence could be considered love, then sake is just that - love in a bottle. With all due respect to Dan and Ed at Hallmark and the Hershey Chocolate machine, which now resides in Mexico, love best comes in the form of what you love. And you love sake.

Now you may want to try to dress up your gift of sake with Dan and Ed in mind, but please resist the temptation. Nothing brings down a bottle of great sake than a note that reads "Taste Me" or "Liquid Love" or "Guzzle My Love Juice" or "Sake 2 You" or "The Gift That Keeps On Sippin'" or "I Won't Wine You - Won't Dine You - But After This Sake I'll 69 You" or "Serve This Hot - Like You!" or "This Sake Is As Sweet As You!" or "Rose Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Want To Pour This Sake and Drink It Off You" or "This Is My Message In A Bottle And You Are The Ocean" or "You Are The Rice And I am The Water - Let's Drink This Sake And Make a Daughter" or "Let's Get Sake Bombed" or this timeless gift killer "Let Me Put My Love Into You."

Are we on the same page now? Get the sake that you love and gift it with very little wording. (Oh and this holds perfectly true for secret admirers as well.)

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