January 2010

Sake Partner - Miwa in Charge

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, January, Newsletter
Miwa Well, I will try my best to not be too clever or too wordy with this wonderful next piece of news right off the True Sake Newsletter press. At our company Christmas party in December amongst the gallons of unique sakes, amongst the bags filled with goodies, amongst the "over the top" (my words not theirs!) cash bonuses, Miwa received an envelope with some seriously flawed chicken scrawl. (You think it is hard to read my typing - whoooooweeee - you should see my handwriting.) (Whoops - I'm getting too cutesy with this - I said that I wouldn't - but hey - great news makes me feel good.)

The card contained the following question: "How would you like to become a partner of True Sake?" Ownership! My decision to ask Miwa to become a part owner in my baby was incredibly easy, for she epitomizes True Sake. She embodies all things that make True Sake what it is - passion for sake, great natured, incredibly service oriented, educator, sake sleuth, attention for details, explainer of note, and a smile that puts customers at ease. Miwa is True Sake as many people have conveyed to me over time. So yes! Now she is!

I have watched over the years as she embraced the concept of sake but wanted to learn more - much more. It gave me great pleasure to inform her that her name -Miwa- was actually one of the ancient names for sake - very cool and very appropriate. I watched as she went from a sake student to teaching me the ropes. Her zeal for understanding not only the flavor of a sake but its construction is what impresses me the most.

My "style" is pretty dominant at the store but she has carved out her own understanding and delivery of information format that speaks to most everybody. I could relate to you the terror in her eyes back in the day when I asked her to speak at one of our tasting events. Now she won't be quiet! (And for good reason) I could relate to you the day she locked the keys in the store or the day she broke a bottle of mineral water all over the overly protected seagrass carpet, but these minor hiccups pale in comparison to all of the value that she has brought to Team True Sake. Oh - there's also the incredibly funny signs that she has posted in the window over the years - one apologizing for your incontinence rather than your inconvenience! But these little giggles don't outweigh all of the sake successes that we have had on her account.

But, the real reason why I offered Miwa part ownership is that I am incredibly tired of her calling me "Boss." "There's the boss" "He's the boss" "No not me - that guy over there is the boss" Now when folks come in the store and ask "Is this your store?" Miwa can say "Yes!" And that makes me incredibly proud. Thank you Miwa and here's to the new energy and direction we will take the True Sake concept and brand together.

PS - I also asked Miwa to start writing a piece/section for the Newsletter under her penmanship. This will commence in February and we shall see what form it will take. Please help her to name her section: "Miwa's Sake Moment", "True Miwa", "Shut Up and Drink Up!", "Miwa's Moto", "Miwa Miwa", etc.

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