April 2010

Ask Beau - "Do you have any sake party factoids?"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, April, Ask Beau, Newsletter
LOL - this question came from Dennis R. who resides in Boston, Mass. I just couldn't resist this query as of course I have a ton of sake factoids that are extremely useful in those sake party environments. Hmmmm but what factoid would chum the waters best? Hey Dennis did you know that the original sake brewers used to be village virgins who used to chew and spit rice to create an oatmeal like gruel? How about coconut husks were and still are used as the charcoal medium for charcoal filtration? Or what about sake being the last liquid on the lips of kamekaze pilots during the war? Or for that matter during the war rice was so restricted that they even made a sake void of any rice, which was powerful enough to fuel the very planes that went into combat?

Too weird? Okay how about some numbers? The sake brewing world uses 30 kilo (66lbs) bags of rice as their basis for purchasing and calculations. Two 30 kilo bags of rice will produce 40 isho-bin (1.8L) bottles of sake. (132lbs of rice makes roughly 19 gallons of sake). Another brewer told me that he uses 1.5Kilos of rice to make one "ishobin" 1.8L bottle of sake. Yikes! That's almost 4lbs of rice per 60oz bottle. Or in other words for every 720ml bottle - the typical wine-sized bottle - it takes roughly 1 ¾ lbs of rice.

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