April 2010

Sake Trial - Five "Trial Basis" Sakes to Explore

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, April, Newsletter, Sake Trial
Every once in a while a sake miracle happens! Well perhaps "miracle" is too strong for this, but nevertheless something eventful happened and we are very pleased to announce that for an EXTREMELY short period we will offer 5 (scratch that as the "help" already drank one of the selections out) - we will offer 4 sakes that are unavailable in the US. These brews have come to us on a trail basis to see if you drinkers would enjoy having these sakes on US soil.

Basically we have been give one case each of the following sakes from four great breweries that you well know. I don't want to do extensive reviews for each brew, as we are looking for feedback to give to the importer to help them decide to carry or not carry these selections. But please note there are only 20 or so bottles of each brew and when they are gone they are gone!

BUT this is a two way street - so please if you purchase one or of the brews please be a Sake Pal and send us a quick email to info @ truesake.com saying what you liked or didn't like about each sake! Thank you and the importer thanks you as well. Here are the selections:
  1. Kikuhime "Kinken" "Gold Sword" Junmai
    From Ishikawa. This brewery flat out makes superb sake! But it is real "man's" sake for sake's sake! We offer the Yamahai, which is immense, at the store and this brew fits that mold as well! (No pun intended!) A gripping flavor of dark honey is wrapped in a bold and solid fluid that has weight to it. Think of bitter chocolate and chickory essences that explode in a larger vessel. A sake drinker's sake for certain!
    $35 (720ml)
  2. Dewanoyuki "Yuki" Kimoto Junmai
    From Yamagata Prefecture. This is a very different kimoto sake that drinks light and boyount with crisp flavors such as dried cranberry and young pears. Rich and zesty with a tone of complexities.
    $22/ (720ml)
  3. Tsukasabotan "Hana" Junmai
    From Koichi Prefecture. We sell a lot of sakes from this kura and this 70% Junmai fits right into their style. It's round and dry and speaks to those who like sakes that taste like rice!
    $22 (720ml)
  4. Urakasumi Ki-Ippon Tokubetsu Junmai
    From Miyagi Prefecture. We sell a lot of sakes from this brewery too! And likewise this version fits right into the Urakasumi wheelhouse! A semi-rich and roasted Junmai with ricy and rich sweet elements like oatmeal with brown sugar. This sake warms very well!
    $35 (720ml)
  5. Aramasa "Rokugo" "#6" Tokubetsu Junmai
    From Akita Prefecture. We are sorry this guy went so quickly! We only had six bottles and the home team took them all! Won't say how important this sake is - they invented the #6 kobo!

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