April 2010

Sake Fooling Around - April Fools vs. April Rules

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, April, Newsletter
Okay - It's not April 1st, and this is not an April Fool's Issue of the True Sake Newsletter! Are you upset? Are you new to the Newsletter? Are you relieved? I have tricked my readers for 5 years in a row - by all means check out the archived newsletters - so much so that many folks get a little upset or simply just don't comprehend. Others love it and cannot wait for April each year. The bottom line is that I always try to trick you and in the end it is I who becomes the fool, because I continually have to clean up my mess!

For example, one year I stated that True Sake was being purchased by the Harpo Investment Group - you know the one owned by Oprah Winfrey. I said it was their idea to fast track and mainstream sake in the US via a series of True Sakes. Basically everybody fell for this one, which sucked as I then had to return about 35 phone calls from Japan explaining that I was joking - the Japanese do not "celebrate" April Fools! Do you know how hard it is to explain the concept of April Fools to foreigners?

Another year I said that True Sake was teaming up with Starbucks to create sake kiosks! I received roughly 90 emails calling me a sell- out! Ha! Me - a sellout! Again, the joke was on me! Somebody even sent me a Starbucks napkin with a big red X on it! Whooooaaa Nellie! Sometimes my jokes are pretty damn good ideas. Like the year that I said that True Sake was opening "True Sake - Sake Stands" at Pac Bell Park for the Giants baseball season. We would offer cold and hot sake for those chilly nights! Good idea huh? Yes it was - so much so that I received about 25 emails from readers who were complaining about walking all over the ballpark - loop after loop - looking for the Sake Stand. Again, I had to apologize for my Tom Foolery!

My personal favorite section within an April Fool's Issue is the one where I did a Sake Challenge at McDonald's. I cracked up several times writing that one. And yes I did receive several emails complaining that I should take sake more seriously and not dumb it down to McDee's levels.

Why didn't I Fool it up this year? Good question. It wasn't on account of not having a good idea - True Sake was going to buy a distressed sake brewery in Kyoto Prefecture or True Sake was going to launch a line of flavored and colored nigori sakes - True Sake Nigoris! Nope - those would have both worked. Maybe I didn't try to trick you sake geeks, for the specific aforementioned reason of always having to put out the fires that I created. It gets tiring replying to loads of emails explaining that I was just joking and that I am so sorry! It's not fun cleaning up my messes! Or maybe it's simply the fact that my new partner doesn't like the April Fool's Issues because she too has to explain the joke over and over again.

The point here is that we will take a break from the April Fools Issue this year, and will evaluate your replies in favor or against such an action. Me - I'll just sit back and try another yellow Mango Apple True Sake Nigori! Yum!

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