May 2010

True Sake Selects - Team True Sake Select Monthly Brews of Note May 2010

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, May, Newsletter, Sake Selects
Keiko's Pick:

Amabuki Aiyama Junmai Ginjo

From Saga Prefecture. SMV: +4 / Acidity: 1.3
Rice: Aiyama / Polishing Rate: 55%

I chose this sake from Saga prefecture, because it has just become available in the U.S. One of the most unique traits of this sake is that they use a Japanese "Nadeshiko" flower yeast! What is flower yeast? Simply put, it is a yeast cultivated from different kinds of flowers. More than two dozen breweries are members of the Flower Yeast Research Group at the Tokyo Agricultural University, which researches and supplies these breweries with various kinds of flower yeast. They feel that flower yeast is a gift from nature. The bottle nose has a floral bouquet that reminded me of the beginning of spring season. The taste has a big orange juice fruitiness and finishes with a subtle orange flower aroma. Very springy, very bright! This is a great sake to feel and experience something new. It also tastes good!

Miwa's Pick:

Kuro Kabuto Junmai Daiginjo

From Fukuoka Prefecture / SMV:-2 / Acidity: 2.0 / $32 (720ml)

This Junmai Daiginjo is brewed using black koji (as opposed to yellow one.) The sake has a bright green apple and pineapple aroma with a hint of bubble gum. The texture is soft and very enjoyable. The taste is pure sweetness and the acidity adds balance like a sweet lemon. This is a great sipping sake.

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