May 2010

New Store Arrivals - Spring Nama Blast #2 Otokoyama, Gokyo, Urakasumi

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, May, New Store Arrivals, Newsletter
Okay folks the second flight of freshly released nama-zakes are here and ready for your complete and undivided attention. You know all of these brews as they paid a visit last spring. Look for your old favorites like Otokoyama Yukishibori that is drinking crisp, clean, and dry with a hint of melon. Or the explosive Arabashiri from Gokyo that has layers of attitude and is a large walk in the park of flavors. And don't forget the very solid and rich Urakasumi Shiboritate that is velvety and a smooth trip to the full-bodied side. And per usual I will NOT include my reviews this flight on account of how much these brews evolve in the bottle and how quickly they do so. If I write a review one week the brews may drink just a little more different the next - and that is what is FUN about nama sake!

Otokoyama "Yukishibare"
From Hokkaido Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai Kasumisake
SMV: +4 / Acidity: 1 / $30 (720ml)

Gokyo "Arabashiri"
From Yamaguchi Prefecture. Junmai Nama Genshu
SMV: +1 / Acidity: 1.7 / $32 (720ml)

Urakasumi "Shiboritate"
From Miyagi Prefecture. Tokubetsu Junmai Nama
SMV: +1 / Acidity: 1.5 / $35 (720ml)

Kasumitsuru Shiboritate
From Hyogo Prefecture. Yamahai Honjozo Nama
SMV: +3.5 / Acidity: 2.3 / $35 (720ml)

Wataribune "Ferry Boat" Shiboritate
From Ibaraki Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo Muroka.
SMV: 1.0, / Acidity: 1.5 / $42 (720ml)

Masumi Arabashiri "First Run" 2010
From Nagano Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu.
SMV: -1.5 / Acidity: 1.8 / $33 (720ml)

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