September 2010

True Sake In The News - JapanUP does a piece on BT

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, News, Newsletter, September
Sake Samurai Here is a pretty extensive expose of a freaky white guy in the sake industry from a Japanese perspective. JapanUP is a popular modern culture magazine, so it is good to see sake on their radar! And in case you were wondering - yes the sake cask that I'm pictured carrying was full. Not!

Meet a Sake Samurai, Mr. Beau Timken

Sake is probably one of the top three items that represent Japan. With its long history and tradition, sake has played a significant part in Japanese custom and culture. Recently, sake's popularity is spreading globally. Ironically, consumption of sake in Japan is decreasing. The pride of the Japanese people is being lost from Japan, and genuine sake is on the way to endangerment. To protect and revive sake, the Japan Sake Brewers
Association Junior Council formed "Sake Samurai". A Sake Samurai is one who loves and protects sake, spreads the word about Japanese sake - a world-class culmination of Japanese culture and traditional craft - around the world. If you hear "Sake Samurai", you may think of a Japanese man with a sword and kimono. To your surprise, one of the "Sake Samurai" is not Japanese, but Beau Timken, who was born in Ohio.

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