August 2010

Sake Grab Bag - A Couple Sake "Things"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, August, Newsletter
This was forwarded to me by my sister - a pretty funny sake "Engrish" preamble! For all of those who need five reasons to drink sake you may want to take a peek.

This link to a wacky izakaya in Niigata was sent to me by a gal in the sake biz. She said she wants to go - but judging by the "white guy flat on his back" advertising program I may take pause.

Sake One And lastly - and yes the timing is a little off - I thought people might be interested in taking note that our pals at SakeOne ( continue to move the international sake bar up and up. This is a press release from last month:

New Saké Alliance Brewing Between Oregon & Japan

Forest Grove, OR - SakéOne, the American run saké brewery operating in Oregon since 1997, gains a fresh perspective this month with a visit from Master Brewer, Kei Takahashi of Yoshinogawa, the oldest saké brewery in the famed Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

Mr. Takahashi will work side-by-side with American saké brewer Greg Lorenz of SakéOne for a week beginning July 18. The effort will provide Mr. Lorenz with a fresh set of eyes and more than 450 years of brewing experience represented in the Yoshinogawa brewery.

"This is not only a rare opportunity to have a Master Toji in our brewery to review our operations and advise on our efforts but it's a huge honor," noted Mr. Lorenz. "It's an envious and almost unlikely alliance that will add new energy to our brewing team and ultimately our saké."

Yoshinogawa's assistant brewer, Masayoshi Nakagawa, will remain at SakéOne until August 5 to assist in further evaluation and implementation of new processes and formulas for future brewing.

"We've arrived at a whole new plateau of saké brewing, " noted Steve Vuylsteke, SakéOne CEO. "Our relationship with Yoshinogawa began as their importer for the U.S. and is evolving into their brewing support from like-mindedness and goals for saké in America. Our long timer partnership with Momokawa Brewing of Japan continues to be a central support of our brewing. Mr. Takahashi provides us with a fresh perspective and different approaches to saké."

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