January 2011

True Sake in the News - History Channel's Modern Marvels

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, January, News, Newsletter
I have yet to see it but the History Channel did one of their amazing series for the Modern Marvels show called "Rice." So I was called to comment on rice in sake form. They came to the store and shot two HD video cameras for about six hours. It was long but amusing. And let me say that it is a ton of work to be "on camera" yapping for that duration of time. I was exhausted when all was said and done. And as we were wrapping up and taking off mics etcetera it dawned on me that I screwed up the "brewing process" when I was shpeeling about how to make sake. I completely spaced the steaming aspect. Doh! As a perfectionist I implored them to turn the machines back on like Mortimer Duke in Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd - "Turn the machines back on - turn the machines back oooooooooooooooooonnnnnnn!" So we did another take and it was awful. Oh well! Video meet editing room floor!

Also in the same episode the cameras traveled up to "Momokawa" in Oregon and filmed the sake making process at SakeOne. My insiders said that the filming went extremely well and the brewery got some great face time! Well Done SakeOne.

The initial airing of the episode was December 29th but they have yet to add it to their website. Herewith is the link to the episode guide:

History Channel - Modern Marvels »

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