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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Images - Photos from The Soul of Sake January 2011

I'd like to start a new section in the True Sake Newsletter and this picture is the reason why. A friend of mine is currently in Hokkaido and she visited one of my favorite breweries. Mako O. took this picture and looking at it gives me a sense of "sake goodness." I have a warm fuzzy feeling about a very cold looking picture, and that is a perfect extension of the power of sake. If you like all things sake as much as I do, then you probably get the same feeling that I do when I see really cool sake related photographs. In this light I want to see more!

So please be a part of our new "Sake Images" section by contributing your very select sake related photographs. I'm not looking for a batch of your pictures, rather I'd like to see one or two really powerful shots that could be in a brewery or at you own home tasting or event. Quality over quantity here people! And then write one or two sentences (if you want) about the picture that we can share with the other readers. If you are a person of few words then just the basics as in what brewery or where the picture was taken, or what the picture captures.

Please send these very specific and stellar photos to info @ with the subject line "Sake Images"

This is what Mako wrote: "I went to Takasago Shuzo last week. It was amazing! I joined their tour as well. It was a lot of fun! I saw the nama chozouko where the nama sake is kept. Inside the room, there was a nice aroma from the koubo. I also tried a couple different types of sake made by different varieties of rice. It was amazing how the taste changed by using different types of rice."

PS. We sell two different sakes from that brewery Taisetsu and Ginga Shizuku if you would like to taste the picture as well!
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