January 2011

Sake Farewells - Say Goodbye to Two Superb Brews

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, January, Newsletter
It's not a perfect world! Let me be the first to shatter that pipe dream. Life is nasty, brutish and short, to quote a hero of mine. And when things look the brightest, that is when the bulb gets dimmed. When the sledding is perfect that's when it rains. And when it rains it pours. And (Oh shut up! We get it!)

The sake world is no exception to the above sentiments. Two of my favorite sakes are getting kicked to the curb. Yup, two different sakes that I have enjoyed drinking and selling will no longer be imported. Why? Importer's decision! Ha! Now I could really rail on the importer using choice gutter descriptions focusing on his lack of a brain, but I cannot as he is a dear friend. Thus, I get to know the reasoning for his "murdering" of two tasty sakes. In a word, business!

The inventories of Yuho Junmai Ginjo and Kasumi Tsuru Yamahai Ginjo are dwindling quickly, and I am issuing a "get it while it lasts" order to those who have not yet tasted these very unique and delicious sakes. We will order six more bottles each for those who want a last chance dance. Both sakes are extremely food friendly and the Kasumi Tsuru is a crab's best friend.
    • Kasumi Tsuru "The Crane"
      From Hyogo Prefecture. Yamahai Ginjo. SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.4
      The nose on this traditionally-made Yamahai sake is a mix of berries, minerals, citrus, and damp wood. Behold a velvety-soft Ginjo that is loaded with flavors that run deep and clean. Extremely round and smooth for a Yamahai. There is an elegance that just radiates from this semi-dry silky ride, and take note of a layer of marshmallow amongst smoky elements. Try this one at room temp. WORD: Silky WINE: Pinot Noir/ French Chardonnay BEER: Ales with color FOODS: Lobster with butter, shellfish, pickles, grilled chicken, creamy cheeses.
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  • Yuho "Happy Rice"
    From Ishikawa Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo. SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.7
    The nose on this expressive brew is filled with apples, beets, steamed rice, cherries, and touch of citrus elements. This round and smooth sake has a lot of movement from start to the very long finish. Truly one of those "totem pole" brews that has a face and flavor on each level from gentle caramel and rice tones to the higher faces filled with granny smith, persimmon and apricot expressions. In a word Yuho sakes are different, they drink very uniquely and their style is both easy and difficult to detect. Good for the beginning and great for the sake connoisseur. A full-bodied Ginjo that has an echo finish and sweet/sour/and bitter smiles, all balanced with a tasty flow. WORD: Professional WINE: Complex Reds/Deep Whites BEER: Belgian Ales FOODS: Anything from the sea and grill, from the sky and soil.
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I shed a tear for these wonderful sakes. Goodbye dear friends. I will revisit you in Japan.

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