December 2010

True Sake Protest - Thank God AT&T Does NOT Make Sake

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, December, Newsletter
When was the last time that you got fed up? The serious sort of fed up where instead of just taking it you decide to do something about it? Well I was and I did!

It has been a running joke (albeit a bad one) that the True Sake store does not have AT&T cell reception. For 8 years we have had zero bars. For 8 years we have had "No Signal." And for 8 years we just sort of laughed it up! In fact for me to make a cell call or send a text I must walk into the middle of Hayes Street, stand on one foot and raise my cell to the heavens with my right hand just to send a text. I have to take off certain articles of clothing to make a call. (Yes that picture circulating on the net of the naked Statue of Liberty guy standing in the middle of the street is me trying to make a phone call.)

Well, one day the joke wasn't funny. My daughter was hurt at school and they tried to phone and alert me. No signal. No reception. Yes big anger! I was pissed. So I decided to tell AT&T what I thought using my powers of window display creation skills.

In a word the window has been a hit. People stop, laugh, nod in agreement, and then take a picture. We have had vans from competing cellular service carriers stop and take pictures, all the while laughing their rears off. I have been told that it is now on YouTube and Flickr.

However! AT&T has not been laughing. They sent several representatives to "explain" themselves. I wasn't really interested in their excuses. Then higher and higher ups came to "offer their services." Eventually the President of AT&T Wireless paid a visit. The long and short of it is that they offered us a micro-cell tower for the store. I have repeatedly told them that I did not do the window to benefit me, but rather I want cell service for all of Hayes Valley. They have come back with an offer to get micro-cell towers for all of the merchants in Hayes Valley. A good start, but we just want regular cell service. PERIOD!

So herewith is the window display that voices my displeasure with idiocy of not having cell service in a major city in the United States of America.

I'd like to Thank Sven Wiederholt - the Renaissances Man - for shooting the window!!

Check out his website:

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