December 2010

Sake Season - Ten Sake Gifts For The Holidays

Posted by Beau Timken in 2010, December, Newsletter
'Tis The Season To Give The Perfect Gift - 10 Sake Gifts To Cheer About

Are you stressed? Who isn't? Do you have time to "gift?" Do you have the desire to hit the streets, to push through the crowds, to feed the meter, to pay the parking ticket, to get that Smart Car towed? Do you have the patience to check out store after store looking for a gift that will "do?" Do the holidays feel like torture? So why not take the easy out? Why not crush your shopping list in one fell swoop?

What follows is a killer list of sake gifts that will take your game to the next level. You won't get frustrated and you won't get a parking ticket, because of our True Sake "Double Parking" special. (Please double-park in front of the store - open your trunk and put the emergency lights on, and we will watch your car. If you get a ticket True Sake will pay for it.)

The gift of sake is as easy and classy as it gets! Who wants another bottle of Scotch? "Ohhhhh wine again - Great!" "Hey thanks so much for my four pears in a box!" Or how about my all-time favorite, "Wow, a can with three types of popcorn - whoooohoooo!"

Herewith are 10 sake presents that cannot get any easier on the "just get it over with" scale:

10) Bunraku Junmai Ginjo Kinpaku $18/300ml.
Talk about a fun themed sake gift! Kinpaku is a style of sake where the brewers actually add pounded gold leaf into the bottle. Since gold is inert it has no bearing on the flavor but it definitely enhances the appearance. Think of a damn tasty snow globe!

9) Takenotsuyu Haguro Genzo Tokkuri Honjozo $40/720ml.
This amazingly soft and layered Honjozo comes in a traditional sake jug and also has an ochoko (sake cup) for a cap! Once the really yummy Honjozo is gone the traditional ceramic jug and cup will live on! This also comes in a really cool box!

8) Shirataki "Sara Wind" Junmai $27/500ml.
Yes, this is one of the top "eye-catching" gift giving sakes! Sara Wind comes in a really cool frosted clear bottle and also has a glass sake cup as a cap. But when you tie this entire package in a bandana, look out! The sake is extremely user-friendly and is a "can't miss" Junmai brew that appeals to all. A very cool stocking stuffer.

7) Umenishiki "Red Box" Junmai Daiginjo $102/720ml.
This is one of the tried and true gift giving sakes in Japan. In fact the brew is known as "The Red Box" because it comes in a really fine massive red velvet box. The best part about this sake is that it is superb! It's not just another pretty sake face. It is the real deal and those who know sake know this gift!

6) Akishika Junmai "Bambi Cup" $7/180ml.
These superb "One Cup" sakes are exclusive to True Sake. The best part about a killer One Cup is that after the superb sake is gone, the cup remains. The Bambi Cup is one of the coolest One Cups in the biz! Great flavored sake coupled with great packaging - how could you go wrong giving a sake treat to a deer lover?

5) Kotsuzumi "Rojohanaari" Junmai Daiginjo $150/720ml.
If you are looking to make a serious "statement" this holiday season then give the gift of pure class! "Rojo" is a damn-near perfect sake that blows drinkers of all backgrounds away. It is a connoisseur's brew, but drinks like water for those who do not know sake. The bottle is cobalt and is hand blown in Italy. There is a cork top. And the box is silver and blue and is as cool as boxes get!

4) Kikusui Sake Sampler $15/3x180ml.
This little sake sampler is quite popular on account of the packaging! Three different sakes are canned and nestled inside a cool box. Great for a value present for the office "Gift Exchange."

3) Yuki no Bosha "Cabin in the Snow" Junmai Ginjo $17/$300ml
This is the perfect sake stuffing! A very clean small frosted square bottle is filled with some kick-ass Ginjo sake that speaks to those who love big fruit! A great "little" gift that keeps you under the "Kris Kringle" limit of $20.

2) Tamanohikari Reishu "Adult Juice Box" $8/300ml.
Come on! Who wouldn't love to get a juice box-looking sake in a Tetra-pak that is perfect to sneak into movies or concerts? This "box" sake is delicious chilled and is also made for freezing into a sake slush. When you get caught (which you won't) you can blame True Sake for selling you an "Energy Drink."

1) Sake Socks! $24/pair
For the sake drinker who has it all! True Sake sells maekake (brewer's apron) socks that were designed by Beau to represent the maekake and sake industry. Think indigo blue with a hint of white and orange. These very sought after socks are a huge hit with sake brewers and owners in Japan, and would complete any wardrobe! Now giving socks for the holidays is not an embarrassing act!

For more gift ideas, please check out True Sake Selects section of this newsletter.

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