March 2011

SAKE EVENTS - The International Sake Tasting

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March 22nd - The First Ever Norwegian Sake Tasting at True Sake

Store Front Come celebrate the Internationality of sake as Norway's top beer maker, Kjetil Jikiun, launches his brand new line of sakes. Taste 6 different Yamahai sakes that are constructed with several different rice varietals and yeasts. As most breweries are well over 300-400 years old, we never had the chance to taste their first efforts, but on March 22nd you will get that chance to grow up with a brewery of note.
When: Tuesday, March 22nd
Time: 4-7pm
Where: True Sake
How Much: $1

NOTE: This tasting may get quite crowded, so we would like to ask your help in getting in and getting out of the store in an effective manner that gives everybody a chance to taste and speak to Kjetil briefly.

Here are the sakes that Kjetil will be pouring in his words.
  1. Junmai: pasteurized sake made with Ginpu and yeast 701
  2. House Yeast: unpasteurized sake made with naturally occurring yeast
  3. Nigori
  4. Yamahai MotoshiboriL: sake made from a full size moto.
  5. Nama genshu. Sake made with Ginpu and yeast 701
  6. YK70. Sake using Yamada Nishiki rice and yeast No 9.
Should be an amazing evening of exploration and fun!

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