February 2011

True Sake In The News - NY Times and History Channel

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, February, News, Newsletter
NY Times

Spent an hour or so speaking to a Times reporter about a "high end sake story featuring Las Vegas." The topic made my skin crawl and I let him know it. Sure it's a fun story about high end and exotic sakes, but geesh how many folks can play in that arena? I guess any story about sake is great, but a well-placed piece about sake for the masses would have a far better "effect" for the sake industry. That said the reporter did seem very keen on several of my preaching points, about better quality lower grade and value sakes, as well as my Sake Challenges pushing sake into the western cuisine world. The bottom line is I am proud of all the guys mentioned in the article - all quality representatives of the industry - and I hope that they get some bang for that plug!!

In Las Vegas, a Good Story Helps Sell Expensive Sakes

PS. A friend sent me an email and asked how I liked being a "footnote" in the article.... Ha Ha!

History Channel "Modern Marvels"

The initial airing of the episode was December 29th but they have yet to add it to their website. Herewith is the link to the episode guide:

History Channel - Modern Marvels

I still have not seen it, but will continue to check out the website for the posting.

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