February 2011

Sake Images - Photos From The Soul Of Sake February 2011

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, February, Newsletter, Sake Images
Please be a part of our new "Sake Images" section by contributing your very select sake related photographs. I'm not looking for a batch of your pictures, rather I'd like to see one or two really powerful shots that could be in a brewery or at you own home tasting or event. Quality over quantity here people! And then write one or two sentences (if you want) about the picture that we can share with the other readers.

Please send these very specific and stellar photos to info @ truesake.com with the subject line "Sake Images"

This month's Sake Image is from Steve Hester:

Last March 2010 my partner and I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Osaka Japan. While we were there we took the time to visit Naniwa Sake Brewery Co.

The exciting part was taking the tour, I had called in advance and was told that they gave tours so when we got there we did in fact take the tour of the entire plant (I even got to help mix the rice) from one of the only English speaking employees there. Turns out at the end I asked the gentleman what he did at the brewery and he said, "I'm the President." So I got to meet Kazuhiro Naruko the president of the Naniwa Sake Brewery Co. Also, I found a link showing the sake making process that was filmed at Naniwa Brewery.

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