February 2011

Sake Hearts - Donate Blood Before Valentine's Day and Get 20% Off!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, February, Newsletter
So I was sitting here thinking about all of the past Valentine's issues of the True Sake Newsletter that I scribed to help everybody think of V-Day gifts or naughty fun things to do with sake and your lover etc. and it dawned on me that we always think about the heart. What about the blood? The heart is nothing but a blob without blood. So in honor of blood on the very Hallmark induced holiday known as St. Valentine's Day, True Sake will take 20% off of your purchase if you donate blood before February 14th.

Just bring in your "release" instructions that they give to you upon completion of your multiple donor card and we will take a whopping 20% off of your entire order. And guess what? You will need something to fill those veins back up, why not let it be sake? (Pretend that I didn't just write that)

Donating blood is very dear to my heart and I have been a long time donor. And if you have never done it before do not be afraid. It is so painless and fulfilling. I go to The Blood Centers of the Pacific on Masonic. In fact I once had a "first date" there!

Remember to bring in your "proof" and thank you so very much for donating!

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