April 2011

March 11th 2001 - The Day Japan Moved 8 Feet

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, April, Newsletter
Get Well Japan
Get Well Soon!
I wrote the following on March 19th as I was returning from Japan.

Where do I begin? This is supposed to be the world famous "April Fool's" edition of the True Sake Newsletter, but now is not the time for joking. I'm roughly 35,000 feet over the Pacific flying back from a damaged Japan. And I still cannot believe what happened during my brief trip. In a sense I am still in shock; part of the collective shock that is Japan. I have been asked countless times, "Where were you?" "How was it?" "What's it like over there?" Let's just say that I am incredibly sad to leave, and my story pales in comparison to the trials and tribulations of others. Their stories are the ones that need to be told.
Sake is very much a part of these stories, but I feel a little strange speaking about the industry while reactors still burn and bodies have yet been laid to rest.
In this regard, and in large respect to the good people of Japan there will be no Newsletter in April.
True Sake would like to encourage you to donate to the relief efforts spearheaded by The Japanese Cultural Center of Northern California and please buy more Japanese products, foods, etc. Every purchase helps heal a nation that has an incredibly difficult uphill battle on its hands.

God Bless Japan and Godspeed for recovery.
Oddly my mood has not really changed much since that flight home. But I have had plenty of time to contemplate the entire situation from its horrific and violent beginning to this long and incredibly difficult recovery. I am confident that the sun will rise again. I am confident that Japan will absorb this tragedy and become stronger for it. I am confident that the world will benefit from the many silver linings that have evolved from this crisis. And I am absolutely confident that the sake industry will power forward and break through the very dangerous seas ahead.

Despite some internal protest I would like to stick to my initial intentions of making this April Newsletter a memorial issue honoring the countless souls lost to us forever. Call it mourning. Call it respect. Call it what you will, but please know that I completely understand that I am in a position to help lead the charge for the sake industry's comeback and I will - I absolutely will - but will do this in May.

In this regard, please buy Japanese products. Please buy Japanese nihonshu. Please lead by example. If your friends see you ordering sake then they may do the same. We are all little pieces of the big recovery puzzle.

Miwa wanted me to mention that we have a lot of new nama sakes in the store at the moment - at the last count we have 15 different namas to choose from, and most are seasonal.

We will also be hosting and joining forces on many benefit and earthquake relief efforts going forward. Check the May Newsletter for a list of all of these endeavors. Our belief is that a series of small events is a better way to keep the donations and attention spotlight going towards Japan.

Saturday April 23rd - "Can" You Help? Day at True Sake

"Can" You Help? Is a donation event that will take place between 1pm-6pm on the 23rd at True Sake.

Please drive by - we will run out to your car - or come into the store and donate over $10 and receive a can of sake.

Can You Help? Yes You "Can."
Lastly the near-term future of the sake industry in terms of importing is "cloudy" at the moment. Information changes on a daily basis and of course the situation is quite fluid. As the dominoes fall we only see the ramifications later. It has been like this. There are many facets to the story and the story is still evolving. Rather than jump on the speculation bandwagon I will be in a much better position to update you in the May Issue of the Newsletter.

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