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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Trends - Got an email from TY-KU

Received a pretty interesting email in our info @ account from a sales rep from the TY-KU brand of sakes and spirits:

"Hi there! You wouldn't let your friends drink boxed wine. So, why would you let them drink hot sake? The truth is that low- quality sake is heated to mask the flavor of impurities-premium sake should be served chilled and enjoyed much like a fine white wine.

Making it their mission to educate consumers on Asian spirits, TY KU Wine & Spirits is launching their third sake, TY KU Sake Silver, premium Junmai grade sake, which represents the top 15% of all sakes in the world.........."

Me personally - I would let my friends drink hot sake. Depends on the company you keep I guess! I do think that with marketing programs such as this it puts heated sakes in a bad light. Basically bad sake makes for bad hot sake, but there are a ton of great sakes out there for warming. I see their angle, as I had to remind people way back when that hot sake is not representative of all sakes. People's experiences with hot sake, usually are a love hate sort of play. Many love hot sake, and many more hate it. Basically I have been preaching the gospel that premium sakes should be served chilled, but at some point the pendulum must swing back to put heated sakes in a positive light.

Maybe they should focus on the positives other than highlighting "perceived" negatives. And it makes me wonder if they have ever tried warming their own products. Basically Junmai sake is the warming category.

(Lastly, I wonder what the box wine folks have to say about this as well? I have heard nothing but good things about current releases of boxed wine, as the quality has gone way up.)
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