August 2011

Sake Packaging - Sake Can! Can You?

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, August, Newsletter
Sake Can! Can You? That is what the sign in our latest window display at True Sake reads. It's affixed to a huge can that holds lots of little cans. Yes little cans of sake. And the point is that "Yes" they put good sake in cans, and one should not have a negative perception of a booze that's not in a bottle. In fact, our cans are kicking "cans!" We have been selling a ton of canned sake.

Our first can - the one we so affectionately call "Beau-shu" on account of the fact that I spotted it on my first visit to the Narutotai brewery and said "I have to have that sake at my store" and they did! - is and has been one of our best selling sakes hands down. It's a very vibrant Nama Ginjo Genshu that appeals to both dry and semi-dry/fruity fans alike. And it caries a whopping 18% alcohol content that everybody is a fan of.

Then we succumbed to a landslide of smaller can sakes from our dear friends at Kikusui brewery in Niigata. These guys have perfected the small can deliver system of making what we call "decompressing" coin dispensed vending machine subway/train sakes. These by far have become fan favorites and we are now selling them by the case. Currently we sell 6 different Kikusui can sakes. The 7th was seasonal and we will be getting it later in the year. They too tend to "show" on the higher alcohol side, so you get more bang for the buck. More "wham" in the can! More can Shazam! More "the can with the plan!"

Also we sport a nice dry little can with a great face called Joppari, which is a honjozo from Aomori Prefecture that drinks clean and quick.

We also have access to good a looking can of Yamahai Nama Genshu Futsu Shu called Minato Tsuchizaki "Harbor" that carries a whopping 20-21% alcohol content and a plush acidity play. We currently do not stock it, but if you are interested we could get some for you!

Remember that each of these breweries uses a special sealant that protects the sake from ye'ol aluminum taste so often found in beer and sodas. Clean Cans! And when I asked why he put sake in his can the owner of Narutotai told me that he felt that by compacting the size of the can it kept the sake colder longer outside of the fridge, which is a good thing for a nama.

Other strengths for cans:
  • Great for traveling with luggage
  • Great for camping
  • Great for small gifts
  • Great to sneak into movies
  • Great to put pencils in when you are finished
  • Great to re-use as they have plastic caps
  • Great to keep a few in the car for the starry nights
  • Great to keep in your fridge as they take up very little space
  • Great to bring a case to a party (30 cans to a case, and you get 10% case discount)
  • Great to bring the beach
  • Great stocking stuffers
So get your can on!

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