July 2011

Sake Strengths - Tastes Great & Less Filling!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, July, Newsletter
I was at a BBQ the other day. And as I was not driving I had a couple of beers. Four, to be exact. The food was great and I was snacking and noshing like chimp in a banana warehouse. A little of this - a lot of that - more of this etc. All the while I was drinking my beers. And then it started. I started to inflate like a jumpy house at a kid's birthday party. First my stomach bulged then my legs felt puffy. And then the burping fest hit. I couldn't help it. I was bubbling like a dropped can of Coke. Emitting my barumphing belches I joined a chorus of other burpers, and we carried forth with a thunderous version of ode to joy in burp form.

In a word, I was uncomfortable. And I was also peeved that I forgot the bottle of sake that I had intended on bringing. My gut felt like it was testing the strength of my skin - would an explosion occur? Would that anchoring top button stay the course or would some poor guest catch the proverbial speeding Levis button in the forehead? I'm not trying to knock beer! I like the stuff. But beer does have some "side effects" like your sides wanting to spill "muffin top" style over your pants. Or the aforementioned burp festival that usually follows a brew or two. Or beer breath, that wonderful hoppy waft that smells as if it had emanated from the gates of a damp dungeon within your own personal plumbing.

Sake is not that! I cannot remember getting sake belly! And I've had a lot of sake. I also cannot remember shaking my internal timbers with a boisterous sake burp. I do recall filing up mutually on food and sake, but it's not THAT beer belly feeling. Sake just drinks cleaner and perhaps more effectively than beer. Effectively? Yah I wrote it. I need not remind you that beer carries a 5-6% alcohol content and sake -on average- pushes 15-16%. The buzz comes quicker and cleaner, and quite frankly that's more fun at a BBQ. "But BBQ and grilling demands a brewski" - they go hand in hand! And yes I hear you! But pretty soon that hand in hand goes right to the lower regions. Wait - even lower than that! Yup, I'm talking about the plumbing. My four beers equated to 48 fluid ounces in my mid section, sloshing around, splashing against my inner shores. More beer equals more trips to the after market beer deposit center. Ten ounces of sake does not require the equivalent multiple journeys to the porcelain continent.

What is the point of this crass diatribe?

I just wanted to remind folks that beer is good. But when it comes to drinking situations you may just feel better sticking with sake. It tastes great and it's less filling. Sound familiar?

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