September 2011

Sake Awards - The International Wine Challenge

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, Newsletter, September
Last year a volcano eruption kept me from being a judge again at the International Wine Challenge, but this year the skies were a little more clear. That said I did go right after experiencing the massive earthquake in Japan. Makes me wonder what will unfold next year. Ha!

What can I say other than this year's event was superb! And the sakes were even more superb than the event! And that is great news for all of us.

We tasted 486 sakes in two days. Some sakes were tasted up to four separate times. And all in the all the quality of the sakes was through the roof. As the senior sake judge I was privy to many of the thoughts of the other judges and to a person they all agreed that the quality of 99.9% of the sakes was terrific. I personally found very few entrees that were "off" and the number of damaged or non- "judgeable" sakes was well down from the year before.

I wrote a little piece about the IWC in the May issue of the True Sake Newsletter, but the winners had not yet been released. Well I am glad to say that they have been released and you may see the results here:

International Wine Challenge - Trade Search for IWC Award Winning Wines

Simply click on the "Sake Category" section - scroll down to the category that you are interested in.

Herewith is a list of sakes that were judged at the IWC Tasting and are currently available at True Sake or could be special ordered (s.o.) for you.

The list:
  • Junmai Trophy Winner: Tengumai
  • Junmai Ginjo Trophy Winner: Dewazakura Omachi (s.o.)
  • Honjozo Trophy Winner: Ichishima (s.o.)
  • Kakurei Daiginjo Bronze (s.o.)
  • Dewazakura Daiginjo Silver
  • Masumi Yumedono Commended
  • Gasanryu Honjozo Silver
  • Urakasumi Honjozo Commended
  • Hideyoshi Honjozo Commended (s.o.)
  • Kotsuzumi JDG Bronze
  • Hoyo JDG Bronze
  • Kakurei JG Commended (s.o.)
  • Dewazakura Omachi JG Gold and Trophy (s.o.)
  • Chokaisan JDG Gold
  • Masumi Nanago Yamahai DG Commended
  • Born Wing of Japan JDG Commended
  • Born Muroka Nama Genshu
  • Bronze Kirinzan JDG Commended
  • Hakurakusei JG Bronze (not available)
  • Wakatake JDG Silver
  • Wakatake JG Bronze
  • Taiheizan Tenko JDG Silver
  • Yukinobosha JG Bronze
  • Yamahoushi JG Bronze (no longer imported)
  • Kuheiji JDG Commended (s.o.)
  • Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Gold and Trophy
  • Kasumitsuru Kimoto Junmai Commended (no longer imported)
  • Masumi Okuden Junmai Commended
  • Gasanryu Fuka Junmai Bronze
  • Harushika Umakuchi Yondan Commended (s.o.)
  • Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai Commended (s.o.)
  • Nishinoseki Junmai Silver
  • Wakatake Junmai Genshu Commended
  • Hiraizumi Yamahai Junmai Silver
  • Shichihonyari Junmai Bronze
  • Yukikage Junmai Commended
  • Yukinobosha Yamahai Junmai Silver
  • Kenbishi Commended (s.o.)
  • Hanahato Kijoshu Gold

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