November 2011

Special Arrival - Oka 30th Anniversary, Kinka, Kozaemon

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, Newsletter, November
Dewazakura Oka "30th Anniversary"

From Yamagata Prefecture. Ginjo. SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.2

This "classic recreation of the original Oka introduced 30 years" has an amazingly aromatic nose with cherry, bubblegum, tropical fruit, and gardenia aromas. So you love Oka like the rest of us! This original version is plumper, juicier, riper, chewier, and far more impactful than our modern day version. The "30th" has buckets of flavors and a viscosity on a very velvety fluid flow that you can see by the legs on the glass. This is a Ginjo sake that is flush with buoyant flavors of melon, ripe pear, cooked cherry and fuji apple licks. Floral and fruity and another great example of how rice can taste like a fruit plate on a silky and fat glucose ride through the palate. WORD: Ripe WINE: Soft Fruity Reds/ Round Whites BEER: Soft Ales FOODS: Think light and bright fare, clean sashimi, sushi, steamed fish, shellfish, fruit salads. $30/720ml


Harushika "Spring Deer"

From Nara Prefecture. Nama Junmai Ginjo Genshu (Nama). SMV: -5 Acidity: 2.0 Yeast: Harushika #6

The aroma profile on this "aged unpasteurized" sake that is EXCLUSIVE to True Sake is flush with ripe fruit tones such as strawberry, mango, grape, and floral elements. Okay folks! This is the round, soft, super smooth fruit bomb sake that you have been looking for. A truly unique brew that is so velvety and ripe with explosive fruity flavors such as strawberry and honeydew that you would think it needs a huge acidity push - but none exists. Soft ripe fruit on a honey flavored gooey fluid. Fat, smooth and friendly - so drinkable with so much personality perhaps it is the 210 days of aging for this raw sake. Crazy! and 17% alc to boot! WORD: Juicy WINE: Ripe reds/ bright whites BEER: Sweet Belgian Ales FOODS: Spicy and savory fare, American sushi, cheese and fruit dishes. $47/720ml


Tedorigawa Kinka "Gold Blossom"

From Ishikawa Prefecture Daiginjo Nama SMV: +6 Acidity: 1.3

The nose on this "raw" Daiginjo - not many of those around - from a brewery that makes extremely expressive sakes is a collection of koji rice (sweet and chestnutty), ginger, mineral, and floral aromas. Welcome to a frisky and fruity unpasteurized brew that is a classic "three sipper." It takes two or three sips to find all of the peach, melon, honey, ginger, cherry and splashes of citrus expressions. But when you do you will find a bright and zesty brew that pops as fresh as nama zake should. Closer to room temp and a mid-sized glass finds the sweet spot. WORD: Lively WINE: Zesty reds/crisp whites BEER: Big crisp ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, anything off of the grill, shellfish, bright salads. $35/720ml


Kozaemon Tokubetsu Junmai

From Gifu Prefecture. SMV: +2 Acidity: 1.7 Rice: Miyamanishiki. $28/720ml

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