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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Cocktails - BT Gets a Named Sake Cocktail (Sort of)

Okay! On the lighter side of sake there is the "space" known as Sake Cocktails! I've never poo-pooed it nor have I totally pimped it - I've been in sort of the middle of the "movement." I have always said as long as the word sake is in it then fine, maybe that cocktail will be a gateway for somebody to enter the true world of sake. At the end of the day it's about enjoyment and who am I as a sake purist to pee in somebody's lemonade. (Yuk - did I just write that? In a cocktail piece?) Point being drinking sake and sake cocktails is a luxury and nobody should look down their nose at another's personal enjoyment.

I was recently sent an email from Dewey Weddington (The same Dewey who once saved my bacon at the Tail of The Cocktail show in New Orleans with his mastery of simple syrup) who is one of the "good guys" in the sake world informing me that a cocktail had been crafted to honor my personal title as a "Sake Freaker."

In Dewey's words:

The funny thing is I created this recipe and couldn't come up with a name and then Sake Freaker hit me, a name that lingers from hearing you speak at Tales of the Cocktail. It fit a recipe that is somewhat sweet but tart at the same time, and packs a bit of a spicy hit with the serrano. You approach it not knowing exactly what you will get but then bam, the flavor hits you and in the end its all very good.

Ha! I love it. "Sweet but Tart" that packs a spicy hit. So what exactly is in a "Sake Freaker"?

Sake Freaker

4 oz Momokawa Organic Nigori Sake
1 slice serrano chili
2 oz shredded rhubarb
1 oz ginger simple syrup

And how exactly would one go about making a "Sake Freaker"?

Dice small slice of Serrano and add to sake, rhubarb, and ginger syrup. Shake like your doing a high-speed hula and strain into martini glass. Garnish with ginger spear. Awesome!

Hmmmmmmmm? Nigori - really? Me as a nigori cocktail? (Stop Beau! Remember what you said about not looking down your nose or being a sake snob? It's a cocktail not an obituary!)

Actually, I am incredibly honored and will have this cocktail made for me as soon as possible. (It's weird making your own named cocktail isn't it? Sort of cocktail vanity?)

The Sake Freaker and many new amazingly inspired sake cocktails can be found at SakeOne's newly designed website with a dedicated page to sake cocktails.

Time to get your Freak on!
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