December 2011

Sake Sensei - You Are About To Enter The "Beau-Zone Layer"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, Beau Zone, December, Newsletter
True Sake Well "sensei" might be a bit much! I get embarrassed when people call me that, especially owners of sake breweries who introduce me as such. Sake "Sucker" might be more appropriate! In any case, this "Sake Sucker" cannot always be at True Sake much to my displeasure. I greatly enjoy speaking sake with customers and of course making recommendations here and there. When I am not at the store Team True Sake tell me that when they say that I am not there people reply, "He's never here!"

Well surprise surprise surprise! I have decided to leave a mini-me at the store for when I am away! Now when folks come into True Sake and say "Is Beau here?" the answer is always yes!

This little mini-me (Kokeshi) is trained at selecting unusual and must try sakes with great stories and even greater flavors! A virtual recommending machine that will look high and low over this vast land for sakes that are distinctive and "must-try brews." But what to name this the new section at the store? How about the "Beau-Zone Layer" for sakes that are out of this world?

So the next time you are at the store look for the "Beau-Zone Layer" and for the mini-me, who will steer you to sake bliss!

The current Beau-Zone Layer brew is Harushika Nama Junmai Ginjo Genshu, and behold, the review:

Are you in the sake doldrums? Want something exciting, ripe and WOW? Here is your brew and it will most definitely talk to you! This plump, smooth and lush Junmai Ginjo Nama Genshu is a trip down the produce section in a glass! Grab your shopping cart and walk down the fruit aisle because this unpasteurized sake is a trip to Fruitsville.

The expansive fruit-tone collection is a dizzying assortment of ripe mango, tangy peach, cantaloupe, sweet berries, and papaya in liquid form. Quite simply this sake drinks happy! Do you want to be happy? You will be with exotic flavors and a wonderful feel that does not drink overtly sweet. I first tasted this sake when I was judging the US National Sake Appraisals. It wasn't available in the US then, but I begged and now it is here for you and more importantly for me! Ha!

You will love the mouth adventure this sake will take you on!
"Is Beau here?"


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