December 2011

Sake Holidays - Team True Sake Shares Their Picks of The Season!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2011, December, Newsletter
True Sake I'm not going to even say it! Oh well! "It's that time of year" As if you aren't completely aware by the mere fact that every TV ad and radio commercial as been about Christmas since two weeks before Thanksgiving. It's crazy! But I guess that is the power of the holidays. It's so compelling that we crave for them, we crave for that good feeling, and of course we crave the allure of gift giving and receiving.

What? What - you don't crave the giving? Are you nuts? Are you so utterly and completely selfish that you want but don't want to give? Oh that's right - you are human! Who in their right mind craves to give presents? Well I guess if it's a great gift then you do get that warm fuzzy good feeling glow. The flip side is, who likes to give crappy presents, or gifts for the sake of just getting somebody something. The forced gift! Uggghhhhh! Nothing worse.

Well, we at True Sake want you to crave gift giving again so you do get the warm fuzzy and glowing feeling. And you will never feel that crappy forced gift feeling when you give the mostest bestest present in the whole world - sake!

Instead of another Top Ten Present Guide (See last two year December Issues of the Newsletter in the Newsletter Archive at the website) we have decided to go one-on-one with our recommendations. And who better to "Guide" you through the Gift Sake world than the pros at True Sake. Herewith are personal recommendations of gifts that each of Team True Sake believes would make an outstanding present: (In no particular order)

True Sake
LYNETTE: "I definitely have to go with the Junmai Daiginjo from Shirataki Jozen, "Blue" from Niigata. I absolutely LOVE this sake. It is fresh, clean with a hint of fruit, gentle and not too sweet. I would get it all the time if I could, but I save it for special occasions. I know I'm not alone on this one because it was by far the most talked about sake at Sake Day 2010 when we poured it as the welcoming sake. People were coming back for seconds, thirds, fourths...they couldn't get enough. The packaging has a "royal" and festive look to it so you don't even need to wrap it! But you can if you want to make it a surprise. I like surprises. (Hint hint). For a Daiginjo it is priced well and the recipient will love everything about it." (720ml, $73)
True Sake

MAKO: "Recently my parents visited me from Japan. They brought me a bottle of Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjo from Hokkaido as a present and it was amazing. I really like the gold box, which is very nice for gift giving, but the sake itself is so delicious. It makes a perfect present, and maybe that is why when Japanese gamblers from Japan arrive in their VIP hotel rooms in Las Vegas this sake is usually awaiting in an ice bucket." (720ml, $138)
True Sake

BEAU: "Man there are so many quality sakes out there that are worthy of gift giving. But since I have to select one, I will share with you my brew that I just bought a case of for giving to my family and friends. The Urakasumi Honjozo Genshu is big time sake. It has a huge personality and drinks very large. It is not a fruity Daiginjo, rather it is a rich monster perfect for big red wine drinkers. And add to the fact that this brewery was damaged in the earthquake I like supporting them. The gold foil wrapping doesn't hurt either! Oh and the retro-throwback to the 70's label is cool as well." (720ml, $35)
True Sake

TAKAMI: "I have just come back from Japan. Of course, I went to many Japanese restaurants and bars and enjoyed a variety of sakes. The sake that I saw the most was from a Niigata brewery "Kirinzan." The Kirinzan Junmai is well-balanced, smooth and clean, but has a great body. Warming it up makes it all the more generous! If you are looking for a Christmas gift that is not expensive but makes an impression, this unique cute blue bottle is perfect! (720ml, $32)
True Sake

MIWA: OHYAMA FUIN-SHU I was at "Sake Shop" in Honolulu when I saw this festive Ohyama "Fuin-shu" - loosely translated as "sake with a seal of approval." Thinking all four "Fuin" series sakes (by Japan Prestige Sake Association) came in black bags, I was nicely surprised by this pinkish-red package. I immediately wanted it for the store for the holiday season. Inside the bag, you will find semi-dry Junmai Ginjo with a subtle and crisp pear/citrus tone and a touch of vanilla. Only eleven bottles available. ($45/720ml)

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