January 2012

Sake Goals - Not Resolutions But Goals For 2012

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, January, Newsletter
Wow! 2011 was a pretty rough year, especially for Japan. Of course we had the earthquake and tsunami, which created a radiation event that the world will never forget. We also had an incredibly highly valued yen versus the dollar, which forced us to raise prices again and again. And of course we had our very own poor economy in the U.S. and abroad.

All of these contributed to a difficult year, but with difficulty also comes resiliency and promise. As you will read two sections down, we need not worry about radioactive sake. That's one element that we can put behind us. Secondly the Yen has to come down at some point, perhaps in 2012. And lastly our own economy can only improve, so 2012 is looking to be a better year to enjoy sake - lots of sake.

Herewith are some goals that we at True Sake want to share with you for this Year of the Dragon:
  1. Reward our truly valued customers

    As many of you know we have a reward program at the store and is kept in a little Rolodex on the sales counter. Basically it rewarded our repeat offenders with a 20% discount after 7 visits. This however is not enough! As you will read in the section below we have engaged a new rewards system called 5-Star and now after your 5th visit, which we now track electronically via your phone number and or small reward key chain tag, you will receive 20% off of your entire purchase. For more information see the FiveStar section in this newsletter, next section down. If you have not signed up yet and want to, please let us know either by dropping by the store or calling.
  2. Reach out to our out-of-staters

    By the end of the first quarter in 2012 we will once again start shipping out of state. The list of states will be smaller to start with, but at least it is a start. It has been a tough row to ho not being able to ship to all of our great customers outside of California, and for that we are sorry. Again, it's the individual state's fault as they are try to protect local distributors. At the end of the day in this free economy it is you and you alone as consumers who lose out to special interests and that stinks! We will keep you posted on the most safe and least restrictive states soon. Welcome home!
  3. Focus on affordable and value sakes

    We had to shift our inventory in 2011 from more expensive sakes to more value oriented sakes without losing quality. And we will continue to do so in 2012. I have been very vocal in getting our importers to get on the same page in this regard. We don't need more $100 Daiginjos, rather we need more $20-$25 sakes that drink well. And they are coming! Granted you may have to "slum" it in the futsushu and honjozo categories, but these sakes are made very well and drink great as every day drinking brews. The sad result however is that we are reducing several sakes from our inventory, as we do not feel that they are worth such high prices. If we eliminate some of your favorites don't fret as we can always special order for you.
  4. Produce more tastings

    There has been a strong cry for more tastings! We hear you and will do our best to accommodate your sake tasting desires. In this regard we are always looking for direction from you. What sort of tastings do you want? Koshu, nigori, sake 101, prefectural, aged and damaged, sparkling, Daiginjo, blind, heated and/or room temperature tastings? What is your fancy? Let us know! Check out our fun tastings for Jan and Feb in the events section below.
  5. Promote ishobin (1.8L) and case purchases

    Can I bang this drum any louder? If you are looking for more value in the sake universe then get your case and 1.8L thing on! Seriously, these are the best values in the store. You just have to get out of your "that's too big a bottle" blues! Do you remember not more than 6 years ago restaurants would keep their ishobins out of the fridge on counters opened for months! Sake that is built well keeps well. No room in the fridge, no worries - heck keep it outside to chill it if you must. But don't miss out on the savings of your favorite sake because the bottle is too large. Likewise don't miss out on the savings of buying sake by the case - 6 or 12 bottles! And we will continue to seek out larger bottles of great sake for our inventory, and yes we do ship 1.8L bottles.

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