April 2012

Sake Sizing - New Airline "Carry On" Single Serving Sakes

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, April, Newsletter
Those damn selfish terrorists! My job used to be easy! I used to be able to hand carry twelve to fourteen bottles of sake on the plane on each of my trips to Japan. Now I have to make a choice - bring twelve bottles or bring my clothes home! Yes, I leave a lot of clothing in Japan. And when I travel within the US it is still a pain to no be able to carry on sake. It's bad for business too! We get a lot of customers at True Sake who pick out several sakes and bring them to counter only to remember then that they have carry on luggage and are not checking bags. No sale!

You would think the 300ml bottles would be okay, but they are not. You would then think that the small cans (200ml) or the really small 180ml bottles would suffice, but nope! Those are all over the 3oz limit. What to do? Well I asked several select breweries if they would consider making a 3oz mini bottle for us frequent flyers, and voila they did.

Starting next month we will be selling an exclusive line of "Carry On Sakes" from 15 different amazing breweries. Not only do they look really slick, but also they are pretty darn delicious when you crack one open at altitude. How tired are you of Bud in a can or crappy white wine in those twist off bottles? No more! Now you can bring as many "Carry On Sakes" as you want, because they are within the legal fluid carry-on limit as established by Homeland Security.

There is also very strong pre-order demand from customers who only want half a glass of sake in one serving. These single serving sakes are perfect for those who like fresh sake that is opened only once. Several restaurants that think a mini-three-bottle flight would be superb for tabletop presentation have also contacted me. I'll see how the demand is at the store before I commit to the restaurants. Likewise shipping is a dream for these little guys, as they cost next to nothing to ship. Who said good things come in small packages? We did!

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