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True Success - Spa True Sake

It is no secret that sake makers have the softest skin in the world. And it is no secret that the health and beauty industries have taken firm notice. In a word there is a sake bi-products boom in Japan and many brewers are making as much selling skin care and health products as they do their own sake. In this light many opportunities have presented themselves to True Sake and myself. One such opportunity was born on my last trip to Japan.

After visiting several breweries and checking out their wares - hand creams, facial products, body washes, and skin toning systems - I concluded that this would be yet another way to honor sake and educate the west in the process. I always say that sake is an amazing libation, but sake bi-products are perhaps an even more excellent way to celebrate sake on account of its healthy attributes.

But before we go forward let us take a step back to really understand how making sake can actually make your skin soft and almost ageless. (I have seen 70 year-old sake workers with the hands of a child in terms of skin tone and appearance.) Every brewer has a story that collaborates this now well-known phenomenon, but rather than me go on let's read what some actual breweries have written. Herewith are some facts and anecdotes about the extremely beneficial elements of sake on skin care and health from some breweries and some experts in the industry.

Chris Pearce of World Sake Imports (and a dear friend):

It is certainly true that people who work with sake a lot often have smooth, youthful skin, but until recently the reason for this was unclear. Laboratory research has shown though that certain enzymes in sake have a moisturizing effect. In a recent experiment, the Ozeki Sake Brewing Company in Kobe, which has an active research department, asked some of its employees to drink 270ml of sake (about 9 ounces). It measured moisture content in the skin two hours later and found that it had risen by 30 percent, according to a recent article in the Yomiuri Shinbun.

Professor Seiji Arase of Tokushima University found that when applied in powdered form, an extract of sake rice causes the surface layer of skin to absorb twice the normal amount of water over a two-hour period. According to the Yomiuri report, "Rice extract promotes the production of ceramide, a type of lipid that fills crevices in the surface layer of the skin . . . prevents dryness and irritation caused by water evaporation and keeps the skin smooth." The extract is present in KomeKome, a popular low-alcohol sake served in many restaurants in Hawai'i, and also in some lotions now sold commercially.

Now, the desire for an attractive complexion is not the main reason I drink sake. But I took this newspaper story as yet further evidence that at the cellular level, sake is extraordinarily good for human beings. The three main microorganisms involved in the sake-brewing process-lactic acid-producing bacteria, Aspergillus oryzae mold and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast-produce many different natural chemicals during the course of sake fermentation, over three dozen of which are believed to be beneficial to health in some way.
Daisekkei Sake Brewing Company:
  • SAKE will release you from your daily stress

    When you get tense, or have too much worries, you'll begin to feel the stress of your life. Sake ease these stress and the stiffness in your neck and shoulders. To change your mood, have a cup or two of it. It will control your cerebral cortex and then cure the mental problems. From these points you can relax like a having a bath or massages when you drink SAKE.
  • SAKE gives moisture into your skin

    SAKE Bath cure your dry skin and get moisture into your skin. For your beauty and to recover from your fatigue, you can't miss to take a bath. If you put sake into your bath tub before get in, it keep your skin healthy. And also you get warmed by sake bath then you'll have smooth and soft, moisture skin. SAKE BATH - Hot water in the bath tub. Add two or three cups of sake in it and stir.
  • SAKE is good for Spots and Freckles

    Most of women are sensitive about their skin. Spots and Freckles, moles and so on... One cause of these skin problems is melanin pigments. If you have too much of it, it become spots or freckles or mole... Japanese Sake contain koji acids and they control to create melanin pigments. So that we expect that there are some effective for a smooth skin when you drink sake or rub it on your skin. Not only control melanin, but also it keep moisture on your skin. Recently many cosmetics has these koji acids for these reasons.
  • SAKE gives you a bright complexion

    While you enjoy drinking sake, your skin get healthy and becoming brighter complexion. Alcohol makes your blood vessels widen and improve the circulation. Especially sake's raised your body temperature up +2℃ So your body improve the circulation and get enough nutrition. That's why your skin become a bright complexion!! And also many women are sensitive to cold. To improve the circulation, cure of that problem as well.
  • SAKE is good for anti-aging

    One of ingredient called "Koji acids" prevent your skin from aging and also animate them. Recently as research advances that sake works on the beauty, it become clear that sake has Koji acid and it is good for anti-aging and animated on your somatic cells. Some cosmetic Co. made sure that koji acids grow the hair healthy, too. From these points sake have every eye fixed on one and will develop in various ways.
Dr. Oz (really?) Yes, even Dr. Oz is in on the secret:
  • Dr Oz said that drinking 1-2 glasses of Sake has cardiovascular benefits, but you can also use Sake to make your skin glow. Shalini said that this is one of the beauty secrets of the Geisha. Your skin absorbs White Camelia Oil better than anything else, so you are left with perfectly hydrated skin. Plus, this remedy also eliminates age spots! Another great use for Sake is to add a bit to your bath, because it helps to relieve sore muscles and cramps.
So you get the point! From my friend Chris to a famous sake brewery to the TV star Dr. Oz, the so called secret is a secret no longer. But when I jumped on board was later on my last trip to Japan after visiting the breweries. I was in a ski town up in the mountains that had a most unusual attraction at the train station. In the middle of the hustle and bustle known as train station life I found a little spa that advertised "Sake Baths." I had some time to kill and whenever I see the word sake I must inquire. Fast forward 20 minutes and I found myself steeping in a hot bath filled with sake and water. It felt glorious and I could barely keep myself from sliding under the surface to end it all blissfully in my sake watery grave. I thought to myself if I didn't die in the sake brewery during the 9.0 earthquake then this would be a second best way to go.

But I didn't die, in fact when I got out of the water and felt so super soft and shimmery I said that I must do something like this in the US. Now I am not Mr. Cosmetics or spa guy, but luckily enough I know people who are and they were very receptive to hearing my concept. I wanted to create a spa dedicated to sake and sake bi-products. It didn't have to be huge, in fact in my initial negotiations my partners pleaded for me to think bigger. We met at a happy medium and solidified a concept that has - you guessed it - franchise possibilities up the wazoo.

So you are the first to hear that on July 1st 2012 there will be a grand opening down by Union Square in San Francisco of the first sake spa in America called - of course - Spa True Sake. With 30 private tubs, his and her spa rooms with steam (sake infused steam), saunas, and cold plunges, sake tasting bar, and a small sake cafe you will feel as good as a sake brewer's hands without all the work.

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