March 2012

Sake Shwag - "Sake Socks" Are Back

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, March, Newsletter
Guess what? That's What! (Couldn't resist). No seriously guess what? The famous or infamous or the not-so-famous sake socks are back. A while back Sven Wiederholt - not only our store photographer, but an all around renaissance man - was launching is very successful line of socks made in Japan. ( I was honored when Sven asked me to design a pair that represented the sake industry.

I though about green and brown bottles or the color of rice, but then it dawned on me that the socks should resemble the famous sake aprons that brewers and retailers wear with the names of breweries on the front. The unmistakable indigo blue with white kanji and of course the orange ties. So ta-dah I created the "sake sock" and they have been incredibly popular here and in Japan.

When I visit breweries in Japan I always bring the socks as gifts. I get a lot of giggles from many brewers who remember the day that I was honored in the founding Sake Samurai inauguration. Little did I know that my feet would be on display in front of few hundred sake celebs and it was the day that I wore my bright orange socks! Ha! So I would then wear bright socks to further inductions. Now I have an excuse with the Sake Socks! What is your excuse to own a pair of sake nostalgia? $20 per pair

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