June 2012

Sake Grab Bag - Sake Folks Doing What They Do!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, June, Newsletter
What is wonderful about this Newsletter is that it connects a lot of sake souls "out there." People like you and me, who have a passion for sake get to realize that there are others like us out there. I am so grateful for all of the readers who continually chime in about all things sake. You guys have taken care of me from the beginning and I/we are extremely proud of the number of readers who indulge our efforts and us. But again I simply like connecting the sake dots - the people who are simply fascinated by this wonderful libation known as nihonshu.

Herewith are two examples of "contributors" who have taken sake to another level in its long and illustrious history:

Sake Ninjettes:

Hello, I saw a special on your store on the H2 channel and wanted to reach out. Myself and a friend are getting into homebrewing sake. We've been video taping our first attempt and posting our progress. Please check it out and I hope to get to your store some day. It's great to find others who are passionate about sake!
Regards, Krista
Lucid Dreams:

Beau, I thoroughly enjoy your monthly news letter. I almost fell out of my chair reading April's newsletter, especially your story of making your own sake. As a new home brewer, I loved your True Beau Shu recipes. In the May newsletter, your notes on your favorite labels prompts me to include a few of the labels from my home brewed sake (Gai-jin Shu). I used Calrose rice milled to 60% and ended fermentation at .998 specific gravity giving a +3 SMV to the 1.37 acidity. My wife works for a Japanese company and many of her Japanese co-workers were impressed with the outcome and loved the labels. The first batch was "First Flight of Spring", the second batch was "Lucid Dreams", batches 3 and 4 (currently waiting for final racking and bottling) are "Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Serene Sunset".
Keep up the great work. Rob

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