May 2012

Sake Secret - Yes the April Issue Was All A Joke

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, May, Newsletter
True Sake It happens every year folks! (Except last year when the April Issue fell too close to the earthquake and tsunami tragedy.)

When you write a newsletter each and every month for the past 8 years it's easy to burn out even when you are writing about something you love. I enjoy the April Fool's Issue because it makes me laugh and wonder who is going to fall for what. Remember when Oprah's "Harpo Communication Corporation" bought the True Sake brand? Or remember when True Sake partnered with Starbucks to start a new line of sake kiosks? Lots of readers do, because they fell for it! Two years ago I mentioned a partnership with the SF Giants to open a sake stand at the stadium and all summer long we received emails asking where the stand was at the ballpark as the readers could not find it. Yuk Yuk!

The Team at True Sake doesn't particularly enjoy this Issue, because they are the ones who have to field the emails and calls from all over the globe and have to explain A) what April Fool's Day is and B) that yes it was still a joke. So why do I do it? Dunno! I just like to think of sake in a humorous capacity as well as a superb drinking capacity. Sake is fun, and I enjoy laughing with sake near by. Thus, I enjoy doing the April Fool's Newsletter when I get to describe doing a Sake Challenge in a McDonalds pairing with Fillet'o Fish and McNuggets.

This last issue received a ton of feedback. We got many "Lol's" and a lot of "You almost got me this year." But we also-as we always do-get a lot of emails from people expanding on the subject thinking that it is a great idea. The True Sake Spa idea received a ton of this type of attention. Likewise the Mini-Bottles took many folks by surprise, and I received several emails correcting my comments that you could bring as many of these bottles onto an airplane as you would like. This is when I have to reply back to the reader and say that it was simply a joke.

My favorite part was in the "Consider This" section in the upper right corner where I talked about the word sake as in an alcoholic beverage having the same spelling as sake as in salmon! (Fish Juice.) Herewith is a reply from Vinod Vijayakumar one of our readers who took the True Sake Spa section to heart and yes it is a good idea and perhaps one day this concept won't merely be a joke:

Beau, read today's newsletter with great interest, and have I got some items for you to stock at your sake spa!

Sake shave creme! »

Sake face mask! »

Sake perfume! »

I've also made a sake pomade, sake hair cream, sake moisturizer, and sake bubble bath.

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