August 2012

Ask Beau - "How can I tour a sake brewery?"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, Ask Beau, August, Newsletter
True Sake Brian G from Washington asked the following:

"On the one hand I always enjoy hearing about your visits to sake breweries, but it makes me sad on the other hand because I don't have the opportunity. Or do I?"
Brian your ship has come in!

We have been supporting Etsuko Nakamura for the past several years as she has been conducting sake brewery tours of note. Please read the following email that we received last week.

Dear Beau and Miwa,

I hope you are having a good summer.

Thank you for your support in Sake Brewery Tours promotion. I really appreciate all your support

In 2013, Sake Brewery Tours will have two tours. One to Akita and one to Kansai. Kansai replaces San-in and it is a bit easier access for a lot of people. We visit 4 breweries in Akita and 3 in Kansai. (Akita: Yuki no Bosha, Ama no To, Manabito, Kariho Kansai: Tsuki no Katsura, Shichihon Yari, Harushika) I have not announced this yet, but Kansai will have an option to visit Tamagawa to visit Philip Harper. Both tours will very special time in addition to spending a lot of time at sake breweries, dinners with kuramoto and cultural sight seeing. Akita-soba making at Kariho, minyo, cooking lesson from a local lady at a farm, visit to Mr. Ito's historic house, and Tsuru no yu onsen. Kansai-funazushi and locally hunt game meat lunch with Shichihonyari, one day excursion to Shigaraki pottery area with Rob Yellin, a visit to Yuba maker, participating goma fire ritual performed by Ajari who went through special spiritual training for 1000 days.
Akita Tour 2013 : 2.23 - 2.27
Kansai Tour 2013 : 3.4 - 3.8

If possible, I would like to ask for your support once again this year to promote the tours. For 2013, I have a couple people already for both tours and hopefully that trend continues to fill all 12 seats.

Visit for more information. Mention the code "JTT2013" to receive a discount on your tour price!
We support these tours and it will give you a whole new appreciation for sake!

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All other correspondence should use info @

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