October 2012

Ask Beau - "How many newsletters have you written?"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, Ask Beau, Newsletter, October
True Sake This is a very timely question from Tracy F from San Francisco.

Let's just say that the December True Sake Newsletter will be the 100th edition.

It's pretty funny reading some of my earlier works. We do have each issue archived here LINK to archive. I dare you to go back in time in the Sake Way Back Machine.

I'd like to also give a shout out to my friend John Gauntner who just sent out his 149 issue of his newsletter. (I think we both can appreciate the time, love and attention it takes to do these rags. I joke with him that I wish they would write themselves.)

Bottom line is that we both would not do it if we did not get the tremendous support from our readers and fellow sake enthusiasts. So a big shout out to you too! Thank you for reading and making my day with your emails.

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ truesake.com. (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All other correspondence should use info @ truesake.com.)

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