September 2012

Beau-Zone Layer - Ozeki Komatsu Tatewaki Taru "Samurai Sake"

Posted by Beau Timken in 2012, Beau Zone, Newsletter, September
True Sake Once upon a time cedar played a large role in the sake world! Brewers used to ferment and store sake in cedar tanks, which gave sakes a pretty strong cedar feeling and flavor. Cedar is also anti-septic and as such almost acted like a preservative for sakes that traveled longer distances and time frames. Cedar was good! But today 99.9% of sakes are made void of any cedar in anyway shape or form. Unless of course you are speaking about a "Taru" or "cedar sake", which is specifically made to harken back to those days of old! I love cedar sake. And this Junmai brew from Ozeki is a good reason why. (You wouldn't make cedar Ginjo or Daiginjo sakes, in fact this guy is milled only to 73%) It has great cedar characteristics, which are all the more enhanced when you drink out of a cedar masu. What? You haven't used your masu in a while? Now is your chance to drink like they did back in the day! Grab this "Samurai" that was stored in a cedar barrel for 2 weeks, and grab your box! For an even more fun cedar explosion try warming this guy.

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